Legacy of Time: Sacrifice of Jo Grant review

Guy Adams takes The Legacy of Time to the midway point in the Third Doctor / modern UNIT crossover The Sacrifice of Jo Grant. There’s no real villain, and as Guy Adams also wrote the final story in the set, I’m looking for clues. I also want to be entertained. This story certainly does the latter. Let’s chat…

The Sacrifice of Jo Grant

I’ll quote the synopsis:

When pockets of temporal instability appear in a Dorset village, UNIT are called in. Soon, Kate Stewart and Jo Jones find themselves working alongside the Third Doctor, while Osgood battles to get them home. But this isn’t the first time UNIT has faced this threat. Only before, it seems that Jo Grant didn’t survive…

What’s really clever in this story is the idea of the Third Doctor (and Tim Treloar is spot on as ever) gets to meet older Jo. There are some spoilers, but not so as to damage the TV continuity. Katy is in good form as Jo, cast back in time with Kate Stewart (who seems to have something of a death wish). Osgood is included largely to fan girl and her segment in the future is a bit of a distraction, and indeed the whole plot is really just something a bit broken in time, needs fixing, probably a baddie somewhere.

In this case a thin plot matters little as the meeting of the Third Doctor with Jo Jones is deftly presented. I assume the broken time we heard about in Split Infinitive is part of this problem, but there are no Rocket Men in sight. There are some nice Easter Eggs and it’s very enjoyable.

No real clue as to the big story, looking forward to Relative Time. Onwards!

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