UNIT: Nemesis starts this November

There’s a new set of boxsets coming keeping the story of UNIT going (despite the current TV series indifference to them!). Kate, Osgood and Ice Warriors! Did I mention H*rry S*ll*v*n? Full details below…

Legacy of Time: Sacrifice of Jo Grant review

Guy Adams takes The Legacy of Time to the midway point in the Third Doctor / modern UNIT crossover The Sacrifice of Jo Grant. There’s no real villain, and as Guy Adams also wrote the final story in the set, I’m looking for clues. I also want to be entertained. This story certainly does the…

UNIT Incursions review

The April 2019 UNIT: Incursions boxset is less heavily themed than others, and is essentially three stories over four discs. The headline is the appearance of River Song; for that we wait until the two-part final story. On the way we have some other horrors to deal with.

The 8th of March review

The Big Finish 2019 International Women’s Day release was The Eighth of March, with four stories, women writers, director and a full range of well-liked women from across the Doctor Who universe. The motif of the 8th of March is in each tale as an anchor; beyond that no big arc or other distraction. As…

UNIT: Dissolution?

One of the talking points of the New Year special Resolution is this: has UNIT actually been disbanded? I suspect not, but whatever the explanation for Polly the call centre operator’s update on UNIT, there are implications. One is Big Finish has to do something to close the gap from where they are now to this…

The Eighth of March announced

Big Finish has announced a new title, scheduled for release on Friday, March 8th 2019. Titled The Eighth of March, it celebrates just some of the significant female characters from the world of Doctor Who, including Ace, Benny, Jenny Flint, Vastra, Kate Stewart, Osgood, River Song and Leela. The set is directed by Helen Goldwyn and each…

Big Finish announces The Legacy of Time

Big Finish has announced it will celebrate 20 years of Doctor Who releases with a major boxset The Legacy of Time to be released in July 2019, the anniversary of the first release, The Sirens of Time. It’s a huge multi-range, multi-Doctor, multi-character crossover epic six story spectacular. Do check the Big Finish website for full details, let’s just…

UNIT Encounters review on Cultbox

I enjoyed the change of pace in UNIT: Encounters and  put together a review for CultBox: UNIT Encounters review. Well done Matt Fitton, Roy Gill, Andrew Smith and John Dorney. <>< Message Ends ><>

UNIT Assembled review

I penned some thoughts on the highly enjoyable UNIT: Assembled over on CultBox. It’s a great set of stories by Matt Fitton and Guy Adams, and the best so far for Kate Stewart and Osgood. The review is: Big Finish UNIT Assembled review. Enjoy! +++ Message Ends +++

UNIT Shutdown reviewed

The second boxset in the new UNIT range, UNIT — Shutdown, is a high-octane set of stories covering several locations while packing conspiracies, aliens and technological mysteries into a gripping whole. Kate Stewart and Osgood are centre-stage as the team investigates the latest threat to humanity. This time UNIT has to counter both alien and local challenges as…

UNIT-Extinction reviewed

So, here it is, the first post-2005 release for Big Finish in the modern world of Doctor Who. Written by Matt Fitton and Andrew Smith, UNIT-Extinction brings Kate Stewart and Petronella Osgood face to face with the Autons. This time there’s no Doctor to save the day, but don’t worry, UNIT has some resources of its own….

Inversion of the Zygons review

Just a short piece to add to the vast chorus of approval for the Twelfth Doctor episode Inversion of the Zygons. Short review: excellent. Long review: excellent, re-watch to see why. I thought I’d highlight a couple of points below, but really just a very, very good piece of TV.