The Eighth of March announced

Big Finish has announced a new title, scheduled for release on Friday, March 8th 2019. Titled The Eighth of March, it celebrates just some of the significant female characters from the world of Doctor Who, including Ace, Benny, Jenny Flint, Vastra, Kate Stewart, Osgood, River Song and Leela. The set is directed by Helen Goldwyn and each of the four stories is written by a female writer.

The Eighth of March details

Full details in the news item: THE EIGHTH OF MARCH, and quite rightly the focus is on the female leads but a tweet has revealed Dan Starkey is also back as Strax, so this is the first (announced) complete Paternoster Gang release. The writers and titles are:

  • The Big Blue Book by Lizzie Hopley (starring Ace and Bernice Summerfield)
  • Inside Every Warrior by Gemma Langford (starring the Paternoster Gang)
  • Emancipation by Lisa McMullin (starring River Song and Leela)
  • Narcissus by Sarah Grochala (starring Kate Stewart, Osgood and… the other Osgood!)

So we know there is at least one Zygon and the timespan goes well into the Twelfth Doctor timeline. More news as it develops!

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