Diary of River Song series 8 review on CultBox

I took a listen to The Diary of River Song series 8 and put my thoughts on CultBox: Audio review: The Diary of River Song series 8 — River and the Robots. Spoilers! I wasn’t that taken with this set. You can see why I thought that in my review. +++ Message Ends +++

River Song and the Robots

Big Finish has revealed full details for River Song Vol 8 (some were in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine). It’s due for release January 2021, and each story features a robot! Beginning with 1960s Dalek-botherers, the Mechonoids, to everyone’s favourite tin dog, K9 (once again voiced by John Leeson)… and there might be…

Big Finish announces the Tenth Doctor and River Song

Coming in November 2020 are three new adventures for the Tenth Doctor and River Song. David Tennant and Alex Kingston have been recording in lockdown and the result is three new stories. The press release follows…

River Song is this week’s #lockdownload from Big Finish

Big Finish continues its generous #lockdownload freebies with a River Song story and the inevitable accompanying sale. This week’s Five Twenty-nine is well-chosen as a stand-alone for River and also co-stars Alex Kingston’s daughter, Salome Haertel. Full details below.

Lives of Captain Jack 3 released – at midnight!

We are living in interesting times. While Big Finish is operating a download release first policy at present, they’ve also mixed it up and The Lives of Captain Jack 3 is released at midnight March 24/25. If you’re up late in the UK in isolation or it’s evening in the US, morning in Australia, check…

Jack’s Back – and so’s River!

No, it’s not the latest series 12 twist or sequel to Fugitive of the Judoon, but it is the news John Barrowman and Alex Kingston finally get to team up in March. Yes, Big Finish brings us The Lives of Captain Jack volume 3.

Diary of River Song series 7 review on CultBox

I reviewed the latest Diary of River Song, series 7 for CultBox. I have to say it was a strong set of stories and refreshing not to have the focus on intersecting with every incarnation of the Doctor. My review is: The Diary of River Song series 7 audio review. >>> Message Ends <<<

River Song series 6 review on CultBox

I enjoyed The Diary of River Song Series 6 from Big Finish, and shared my thoughts in a review for CultBox. It’s focussed on contriving ways for River to visit all the past Doctors and while I think we’ve had that idea now, I did enjoy this set. Others may be less keen on seeing…

Legacy of Time: Lies in Ruins review

I’m taking The Legacy of Time slowly, and first up is an Eighth Doctor story, which suits my vague August theme! James Goss treated us to Lies in Ruins, which had to my mind (at least) three things to do: entertain, be a complete story and setup the boxset. All that and find space for…

UNIT Incursions review

The April 2019 UNIT: Incursions boxset is less heavily themed than others, and is essentially three stories over four discs. The headline is the appearance of River Song; for that we wait until the two-part final story. On the way we have some other horrors to deal with.

The 8th of March review

The Big Finish 2019 International Women’s Day release was The Eighth of March, with four stories, women writers, director and a full range of well-liked women from across the Doctor Who universe. The motif of the 8th of March is in each tale as an anchor; beyond that no big arc or other distraction. As…

River Song 5.4 Concealed Weapon review

River’s sojourn with various incarnations of the Master comes to an end with the Scott Handcock story Concealed Weapon. This time it’s Derek Jacobi’s War Master whom River crosses paths with in a story that seems curiously clear cut and that’s how it draws the listener in… Spoilers will follow;-)