Jack’s Back – and so’s River!

No, it’s not the latest series 12 twist or sequel to Fugitive of the Judoon, but it is the news John Barrowman and Alex Kingston finally get to team up in March. Yes, Big Finish brings us The Lives of Captain Jack volume 3.

Three more Captain Jack stories

The Lives of Captain Jack volume three features the following rollicking good adventures [Big Finish’s words, not mine!]:

Crush by Guy Adams Captain Jack takes Mrs Tyler on a luxury cruise in space

Mighty & Despair by Tim Foley On a distant planet in the far future, two travellers have come looking for a mythical hero

R&J by James Goss From ancient battles to eternal wars A pair of time-cross’d lovers take the stars.

Actor John Barrowman said:

“Alex Kingston and I have talked about this for years. We knew that the fanbase always wanted River and Jack to meet, or to cross timelines, and we just never knew when it would happen. Alex and I were always game for it and, thanks to Big Finish, this is where it’s happening.

“It’s like Jack is the male River and River is the female Jack. There are all sorts of comparisons in their behaviours and how they react; the verve and vivacious passion they have for solving problems; getting to the heart of the action and adventure; the determination to get what they want, but also the sadness behind both of their eyes.”

Co-star Alex Kingston added:

“I’ve always imagined that, when River’s not on adventures with the Doctor, she’s somewhere having fun with Captain Jack. I’ve always had that at the back of my head.

“John Barrowman and I get on so well, and whenever we’ve met at conventions, it’s the one request that the fans have come up with more than any other.We have a lot of fun together so it’s something we’ve both been pushing independently for. I was so thrilled to find out that our dream has come true.”

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