Torchwood: Sgt Andy goes to Mars (just outside Neath)

Big Finish has released Torchwood: Red Base. It’s all about Mars and murder. Who better to investigate for Torchwood than Sgt Andy? How long can it take to get from Cardiff to your local base on Mars? Not long if it’s in Wales!

Torchwood: Aliens Among Us joins the weekly freebies

Big Finish has revealed this week’s (17 Aug 2020) weekly freebie and it’s Changes Everything the first part of Aliens Among Us. There’s also a sale — full details from the press release after the break.

Torchwood on Mars and other 2020 releases

Big Finish has announced details of the most varied selection of new Torchwood titles I can remember since they started. Hold onto your hats! Sgt Andy Davidson is fresh from Baker Street and the Eighth Doctor Stranded range and here he is, back in Torchwood and on Mars! Full details follow…

Big Finish announces the Tenth Doctor and River Song

Coming in November 2020 are three new adventures for the Tenth Doctor and River Song. David Tennant and Alex Kingston have been recording in lockdown and the result is three new stories. The press release follows…

Big Finish announces more Jacobi vs McGann

Big Finish has announced details of two new boxsets featuring Sir Derek Jacobi’s War Master vs Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor back in the Time War. Releases are scheduled for October 2020 and August 2021. Full details below.

Jack’s Back – and so’s River!

No, it’s not the latest series 12 twist or sequel to Fugitive of the Judoon, but it is the news John Barrowman and Alex Kingston finally get to team up in March. Yes, Big Finish brings us The Lives of Captain Jack volume 3.

Diary of River Song series 7 review on CultBox

I reviewed the latest Diary of River Song, series 7 for CultBox. I have to say it was a strong set of stories and refreshing not to have the focus on intersecting with every incarnation of the Doctor. My review is: The Diary of River Song series 7 audio review. >>> Message Ends <<<

John Simm re-Mastered by Big Finish!

John Simm will be making his Big Finish debut as the Master in 2021! If that wasn’t excitement enough there will be eight Masters in total (including Missy) in this release marking 50 years since the Master first appeared on TV.

Legacy of Time: Lies in Ruins review

I’m taking The Legacy of Time slowly, and first up is an Eighth Doctor story, which suits my vague August theme! James Goss treated us to Lies in Ruins, which had to my mind (at least) three things to do: entertain, be a complete story and setup the boxset. All that and find space for…

Tenth Doctor: No Place review

The Tenth Doctor and Donna are back and this time they’ve brought the family! Yes, David Tennant and Catherine Tate are joined by Jacqueline King (Sylvia Noble) and Bernard Cribbins (Wilfred Mott). First in the Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume 3 is the James Goss story No Place. Come on in!

Torchwood: Deadbeat Escape review

Between Deadbeat Escape and Goodbye Piccadilly there’s a vast difference in style and together they provide just a glimpse into the versatility of writer (and range producer) James Goss. This time we have a dark, brooding tale of rain and strange hotels. It also puts Billis Manger (Murray Melvin) centre stage.

Torchwood: Goodbye Piccadilly review

Writer James Goss is in fine form in Goodbye Piccadily weaving a historical tale into Torchwood and bringing back Big Finish’s own Norton Folgate (Samuel Barnett) alongside Sgt Andy (Tom Price). It starts as it means to go on, and it’s all Andy can do to hang on for the ride…