Thoughts ahead of Doctor Who: Can You Hear Me?

There’s scant information available for the forthcoming series 12 Doctor Who: Can You Hear Me? but I’ve had a bit of a dig and thought I’d share. If I find more I’ll update – let me know if you find anything as well.

Coming up – Can You Hear Me?

The BBC has yet to release a gallery for the episode, but BBC America has the picture of the Doctor as prisoner I used above.

Writer Charlene James makes her Doctor Who debut and has an impressive CV, showing she is more than happy to take on difficult content.

The triailer is longer on YouTube – COMING SOON | Can You Hear Me? | Doctor Who: Series 12 and carries the following blurb:

A cry for help from across the stars. Terrifying creatures in 1380 Aleppo. And in Sheffield, something is infecting people’s nightmares. The Doctor and friends investigate.

So a first Sheffield episode for this series and some historical and possibly outer space! I dug into the period in question, and my money is on Timur Lenk: The Sack of Damascus.

It looks like Graham is part of the overall story, perhaps merely as the introduction. I get the feel the Doctor is out of her depth again for at least part of this.

What does the title mean? It sounds like plea for help – is this a repeat of the misunderstood alien threat? We shall see.

I’ll post more if I find it!

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