The DWC talks Timeless Children – in depth

The collective talents had so much to say about The Timeless Children it had to be published in several parts. What’s more the site was taken off line for its own regeneration ahead of publication. Suffice it to say opinion is ‘mixed’ and ‘critical’. Even my own snippet in the group review is sarcastic and…

Doctor Who Series 12 – final analysis

With the dust now settled on Doctor Who series 12, I’ve dusted off my spreadsheets and done a little look at how popular it all was according to various metrics. I’m not sure what it all means, but is of some interest. This post is an update of my midway checkpoint.

Series 12 reviewers wanted!

If you’re interested in reviewing Doctor Who series 12, you might like to check out Chromakey Magazine. They’ve put out a request for submissions: WANTED: DOCTOR WHO SERIES 12 EPISODE REVIEWS. In case the site confuses, Chromakey is a PencilTip Publishing title and full submission details are under the menu on the left. +++ Message…

Andrew Ellard’s Doctor Who tweetnotes

I’ve only recently discovered script writer Andrew Ellard and his tweetnotes project, but I have to say I won’t be overlooking it in future. He tweet well thought out and perceptive comments on Doctor Who (and other stuff). He’s worked in The IT Crowd, Detectorists, and Red Dwarf amongst others.

Other views on The Timeless Children

It’s fair to say you can find any opinion you want on The Timeless Children. I think it has lots of problems. Despite some bits working well, a more focussed story (and spreading the Chibnall Masterplan across several episodes) would have worked better for me. Here’s a selection of other opinions.

What do we know about Revolution of the Daleks?

While I let my review for The Timeless Children simmer, I’m turning my attention to the 2020 Christmas / New Year special Revolution of the Daleks. Brownie points for both a Dalek title beginning with R (there’s a list) and the possibility of evolution hidden inside (well we’ve just had an ascension!)

Who is Tecteun actor Seylan Baxter?

In the midst of fan ‘debate’ over The Timeless Children, let’s spare a moment for some of the people involved. Actor Seylan Baxter who played Tecteun is clearly very proud to have been involved in Doctor Who and why not? She’s on twitter @seylan_baxter and there’s a nice piece on her career on the HITC…

The DWC writers collective view on Ascension of the Cybermen

If you get to the end of this stark (and largely negative) assessment of Ascension of the Cybermen you’ll see my comment about trying to stay positive. Maybe it will all be wonderful, but a lot of plates are in play for The Timeless Children. Until tonight, here are our views on last week: HERE’S…

Will there be a complete surprise in The Timeless Children?

The end of series 12 is fast approaching. The Timeless Children has a lot of speculation to live up to and already supposed leaks and overreaction are stoking the fires. Engagement levels from fans are high, though what percentage of the audience are fans in the deepest sense versus just enjoying the show since its…

Doctor Who series 12: an arc of triumph? Or not?

We are on the cusp of the reveal for the Doctor Who series 12 arc. It’s looking like Chris Chibnall’s answer to the Cartmel Masterplan. Will it be clever, self-indulgent or just plain dull? I’ve given many thoughts on the upcoming Timeless Children elsewhere (here and here to be exact) but wanted here to consider…

Thoughts ahead of Ascension of the Cybermen

Only a few more days until Ascension of the Cybermen the first part of the series 12 finale. We have a limited synopsis and some nice pictures in the gallery. We expect surprises and action and, of course, Cybermen. What else might we expect?

Is the Master back in The Timeless Children?

Following the BBC’s reveal of partial details for The Timeless Children, the final episode of series 12 of Doctor Who it seems the Master will be returning! If you want the reason why, check out the CultBox post: Doctor Who ‘The Timeless Children’ synopsis. We should also expect lots of details on the Chibnall Masterplan!…