Thoughts ahead of Ascension of the Cybermen

Only a few more days until Ascension of the Cybermen the first part of the series 12 finale. We have a limited synopsis and some nice pictures in the gallery. We expect surprises and action and, of course, Cybermen. What else might we expect?

Ascension thoughts

In some ways we’ve a three-parter. I don’t imagine a lot of the Villa Diodati threads will end here, but the Cyberium at least should get a mention, or two. The companions will be isolated and death look certain. The Doctor will be put under pressure ahead of big reveals in the final.

I do hope Ascension has some story of its own, I don’t expect the Ruth Doctor / Fugitive Doctor any more this series and the Master is more a part of The Timeless Children. We also don’t expect Capn Jack.

I hope we get characters as well as action, and not just vast CGI sequences of hordes of unstoppable Cybermen. The episode may be all about getting a big clue for the final, perhaps a rescue of somebody who knows something vital, like where the Cyberium is. The companions are all listed for the week after, so no sudden deaths / departures.

Above all I want to be entertained. You know what? I think I’ll get my wish!

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