Other views on The Timeless Children

Please. Just take me away for a rest.

It’s fair to say you can find any opinion you want on The Timeless Children. I think it has lots of problems. Despite some bits working well, a more focussed story (and spreading the Chibnall Masterplan across several episodes) would have worked better for me. Here’s a selection of other opinions.

Timeless Children

The Radio Times found a lot to dislike: Doctor Who The Timeless Children review: the much-vaunted finale is an overblown gush of nonsense. The Guardian newspaper was actually rather thrilled by it all: Doctor Who finale recap: series 38, episode ten – The Timeless Children.

SlashFilm talk about canon (I must post on that) and The Brain of Morbius in ‘Doctor Who’ Just Changed Everything With “The Timeless Children”. It points out the difference between types of audience. The Metro liked it and it’s all about Sacha Dhawan’s Master for them: Doctor Who series 12 episode 10 review: The Timeless Children rewrites the history books, literally

Certainly a range. I’m somewhere in there – some good, some weak and then there’s the Chibnall Masterplan. Who’d be a fan?!

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