When will Big Finish release a Division boxset?

The idea is irresistible. It must be when not if. Following the Chibnall Masterplan re-engineering of Time Lord history in The Timeless Children, we now have a whole new era to explore. We have any number (including Jo Martin’s Ruth / Fugitive incarnation) of previously uncharted versions of the Doctor. We have a pre-CIA secret agency – The Division. It must happen. Audio drama set in the Division. [I’m free if Big Finish needs writers!]

I think it will happen, so the question is… WHEN?

The Division

We know the Doctor (but what were they called then?) is part of the Division. We know they do missions Time Lords don’t formally approve of. There’s plenty of scope here including both the Jo Martin Doctor, but also Gat and even Lee Clayton’s character (this is all before Fugitive of the Judoon). We need new adversaries though it would need to avoid retreading early ideas from the Gallifrey range.

Big Finish has all the skills and even experience. They currently have David Warner as a Doctor from a parallel universe. They have the whole Unbound series with different Doctors.

All the pieces are there.

But when?

If it were on sale tomorrow it would be a success. As I understand the licence, they can’t use anything from an era currently on TV. We can’t have Jodie Whittaker connected characters until we move to the Fourteenth Doctor. We also need a new numbering scheme! Technically Division is in the past, but that’s sophistry. It’s almost a new era and I can’t imagine Big Finish being allowed to design any of it until Chris Chibnall finishes putting stakes in the ground. Hopefully series 13 will start charting the territory (though not at the expense of the current Doctor Who universe.

At a guess I’d say something for the sixtieth, so 2023. That feels too far away. We (hope to) get series 13 in 2021. I’d like to think release January 2022. What do I know!

Would you like a Division series? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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