Doctor Who: Third Doctor Adventures vol 6 review on CultBox

I reviewed Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures volume 06 for CultBox and be warned — I didn’t think it was up to standard for many reasons, the bulk of which are in the review. Volume 5 worked much better in my view. It’s not possible to like everything, and as a reviewer once I…

New main range titles details

Despite the announcement of the end of the main range, Big Finish still has a good few titles to release;-) There’s been some shuffling due to lockdown, but all has settled. Details after the break.

Third Doctor, Churchill and Daleks coming in May!

Coming this May, 2020 Third DoctorAdventures Volume 6. The cover gives away a lot but we now have even more details – the Brigadier is confirmed (hinted strongly on the page) as well as Sgt Benton. It’s the 1970s all over again!

Doctor Who: Dark Universe review

Confession time. I don’t like every Doctor Who story. There are several things that annoy me either through overuse or just because they don’t work for me. This includes: saving the entire universe (can somebody please explain the idea of BIG one day; reset the universe to get over some inconvenient death and destruction; it…

Jack’s Back – and so’s River!

No, it’s not the latest series 12 twist or sequel to Fugitive of the Judoon, but it is the news John Barrowman and Alex Kingston finally get to team up in March. Yes, Big Finish brings us The Lives of Captain Jack volume 3.

Warzone / Conversion review

The two stories Warzone and Conversion conclude a Fifth Doctor trilogy that introduced new companion Marc in Tartarus. Like October’s Interstitial / Feast of Fear it’s a pair of two-part stories, though in this case more tightly coupled. We also have two writers more familiar to Big Finish listeners. The cover gives away a lot…

Dark Universe details released

Big Finish has released details of the January 2020 main range release Dark Universe. It’s good timing as I’m just listening to the end of Ravenous 4 and recently blogged about Sophie Aldred. It’s the big Seventh Doctor, Ace and The Eleven story by Guy Adams. It’s looking great on paper…

Legacy of Time: Collision Course review

So, Legacy of Time, the 6-disc story celebration of 20 years of Doctor Who at Big Finish reaches its final act. Guy Adams (who also wrote The Sacrifice of Jo Grant) is back to close off this many-Doctor story with Collision Course. I assume you’ve heard the first five stories, so there will be some…

Legacy of Time: Sacrifice of Jo Grant review

Guy Adams takes The Legacy of Time to the midway point in the Third Doctor / modern UNIT crossover The Sacrifice of Jo Grant. There’s no real villain, and as Guy Adams also wrote the final story in the set, I’m looking for clues. I also want to be entertained. This story certainly does the…

Captain Jack 2.2: What have I done? review

Following on from the upbeat Piece of Mind, we have the second story in The Lives of Captain Jack Volume 02, and the mood is decidedly different. Downbeat, if not grim. Welcome to the Guy Adams penned What have I done? What have I done? It’s another minimal synopsis on the product page: On the…

UNIT Incursions review

The April 2019 UNIT: Incursions boxset is less heavily themed than others, and is essentially three stories over four discs. The headline is the appearance of River Song; for that we wait until the two-part final story. On the way we have some other horrors to deal with.

First Doctor Adventures 3 review on Cultbox

The First Doctor Adventures Volume 3 brought a superb historical from Marc Platt and a quirky story from Guy Adams, the latter with Carole Ann Ford sharing a story with the new-cast First Doctor team. I loved it and said as much on CultBox: The First Doctor Adventures Volume 03 review. ::: Message Ends :::