The 8th of March review

The Big Finish 2019 International Women’s Day release was The Eighth of March, with four stories, women writers, director and a full range of well-liked women from across the Doctor Who universe. The motif of the 8th of March is in each tale as an anchor; beyond that no big arc or other distraction. As…

The Eighth of March announced

Big Finish has announced a new title, scheduled for release on Friday, March 8th 2019. Titled The Eighth of March, it celebrates just some of the significant female characters from the world of Doctor Who, including Ace, Benny, Jenny Flint, Vastra, Kate Stewart, Osgood, River Song and Leela. The set is directed by Helen Goldwyn and each…

The Twelfth Doctor comes to Big Finish!

Before you get too excited, we don’t think it’s Peter Capaldi, but next year February 2019) gives us the Twelfth Doctor in the a Short Trips. The range has been extended for two years to the end of 2020. Producer Ian Atkins has moved on (and many personal thanks to Ian), and new producer Alfie Shaw has…

The Smallest Battle review

Free with the September 2018 Doctor Who Main Range release The Dispossed from Big Finish is the Stephen Osbourne Subscriber Short Trips: The Smallest Battle. It’s an absorbing story for the Fourth Doctor and Leela as they find themselves on a war-torn world, trying to make a difference.

Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 7 Volume 2 review

Another huge slice of Tom Baker Fourth Doctor goodness in the form of The Fourth Doctor Adventures SERIES 07 VOLUME 2, gave us Leela, and stories by Justin Richards, Dan Starkey and Guy Adams. My thoughts are over on CultBox: Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Adventures: Series 7 Volume 2 review. +++ Message Ends +++