Neo-Nazi Daleks

I found an interesting post from Alex Moreland titled: Why it’s important to advance Doctor Who’s Nazi allegory into the 21st Century. I liked this not just for the clarity of its point of view, but also the concrete suggestions described within. Worth a read! ### Message Ends ###

Merry Christmas from The Doctor Who Companion

Over on The Doctor Who Companion there’s a Christmas gift of fourteen days of Christmas stories from various contributors to the blog. It kicks off today with Peter Shaw’s To All Of You At Home a First Doctor, Steven Taylor and Sara Kingdom story. /// Message Ends \\\

I talk Longleat on the Doctor Who Companion

Over on The Doctor Who Companion is my first post! It’s an extended version of the I went to Longleat in 1983 article I wrote here (Longleat remembered). The piece is: MY FIRST DOCTOR WHO CONVENTION: LONGLEAT 1983. If nothing else it has some Key To Time trivia! Let me know what you think! +++ Message Ends +++