The DWC collective on The Lie of The Land

A group of us on the Doctor Who Companion pooled thoughts on The Lie of the Land. Very mixed reactions, and for a change I’m at the positive end of the crowd! The results are: HERE’S WHAT THE DOCTOR WHO COMPANION THOUGHT OF THE LIE OF THE LAND! +++ Message Ends +++

Doctor Who Alternative Facts: Part One

A group of us on The Doctor Who Companion have uncovered some lesser known, or alternative facts about Doctor Who. The first tranche is out now: THE DOCTOR WHO GUIDE TO ALTERNATIVE FACTS: PART ONE. There’s a prize for spotting which fact I contributed. OK so it’s a virtual prize, but the glory is still there! !!! Message Ends !!!

Thin Ice Thoughts

Over on The Doctor Who Companion, a group of us pooled our thoughts on Thin Ice. My opinion is more aligned with the others than it was for Smile, and you can see for yourself here: HERE’S WHAT THE DOCTOR WHO COMPANION THOUGHT OF THIN ICE! *** Message Ends ***

A selection of thoughts on Smile

Over on The Doctor Who Companion site, a group of us put together a set of short reviews on Smile. As you’ll see I was the only one less than effusive! The link is: HERE’S WHAT THE DOCTOR WHO COMPANION THOUGHT OF SMILE!  /// Message Ends \\\

Neo-Nazi Daleks

I found an interesting post from Alex Moreland titled: Why it’s important to advance Doctor Who’s Nazi allegory into the 21st Century. I liked this not just for the clarity of its point of view, but also the concrete suggestions described within. Worth a read! ### Message Ends ###