Halloween is coming…

Over on The Doctor Who Companion, a group of us are celebrating this year’s Halloween with some new stories. Set in the Doctor Who universe, they don’t feature the Doctor him/herself. I’m taking part, but there’s a whole range of stories to look forward to. The news piece is: INTRODUCING THE DWC’S HALLOWEEN FICTION PROJECT. !!! Message Ends !!!

The Pure Historical Blog

A quick mention for the Joshua N Stevens blog Pure Historical. As the name suggests, it’s a blog dedicated to the idea of exploring world history through Doctor Who. It’s a different idea and if you’re interested in some more serious essays, why not take a look? Joshua is also trying to crowdfund his costs (maybe I…

A Doctor Who bucket list

Well done Den of Geek for their amusing post 50 things for Doctor Who fans to do before they die. If nothing else, it’s an excuse to watch Colin Baker at al in Doctor in Distress. Brilliant! ^^^ Message Ends ^^^

The DWC collective on The Lie of The Land

A group of us on the Doctor Who Companion pooled thoughts on The Lie of the Land. Very mixed reactions, and for a change I’m at the positive end of the crowd! The results are: HERE’S WHAT THE DOCTOR WHO COMPANION THOUGHT OF THE LIE OF THE LAND! +++ Message Ends +++