Other views on Fugitive of the Judoon

A quick look at other opinions on the excellent (IMHO) Doctor Who story Fugitive of the Judoon. I’m getting mostly very positive but then a few break ranks. It’s the curse of reviewing you feel you must find fault and pick holes. Here’s a selection…

More Fugitive of the Judoon reviews

The Radio Times loved it (some tiny flaws) and a 5* review: Doctor Who Fugitive of the Judoon review: Chris Chibnall majestically blows a hole in the Time Lord’s mythology and I’m loving it.

Paul Magrs on FaceBook was full of enthusiasm:

Alternate timeline Doctors from a version of Gallifrey that predates Rassilon and Omega? Or a Brain of Morbius-type pre-Hartnell Doctor who somehow has a Police Box? Or a rewrite of the Cartmel Masterplan from the McCoy era and the Virgin novels..? or a Doctor from a Timeline fractured by Faction Paradox or the Time War? In the Virgin novels, wasn’t Ancient Gallifrey a matriarchy..? It’s all fun speculating, anyhow – and last night’s show was delightful. I love the new mystery woman!

DenOfGeek liked it a lot: Doctor Who series 12 episode 5 review: Fugitive Of The Judoon and over on the wiki page we see an AI score and early approval:

Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes calculated a 100% approval and an average rating of 8.29/10 from 11 critics. The website’s critical consensus reads, “Doctor Who’s twelfth season takes a hard left turn for the better in the surprising and delightful ‘Fugitive of the Judoon’.”[8]

Of course someone had to disagree. The Independent lamented it as an attempt to echo Moffat: Doctor Who review, Fugitive of the Judoon: Latest episode echoes vintage Moffat, but surely fans are exhausted of plot twists by now? It limped in with a mere 3*. I think we’ll let fans speak for themselves!

Speaking of disagreement Frank Danes on the Doctor Who Companion really, really, didn’t like it: REVIEWED: DOCTOR WHO – FUGITIVE OF THE JUDOON. He makes some good points and I rather agree with him with regards the companions, but for me the two versions of the Doctor seemed credible. He is also spot on with regards the Ruth Doctor’s TARDIS! [Added 29 Jan 2020]

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