The DWC bids farewell to the Third Doctor

And with one last outing, the Doctor Who Companion completes its tour of the Jon Pertwee years. Simon Danes gives his thoughts in REVIEWED: DOCTOR WHO SEASON 11 – SELF-DESTRUCTION and as usual it’s well worth a read. It reminded me of some personal highlights from Season 11 as well.

I take a sideways look at Season 7 for the DWC!

Over on the Doctor Who Companion I was able to write a piece exploring Pertwee’s first season as the Third Doctor – REVIEWED: DOCTOR WHO SEASON 7 – FAMILY UNIT. Yes, it’s Season 7: UNIT, the Brig, Liz Shaw and a whole range of adversaries. I took a thematic approach rather than episode by episode…

The DWC looks at seasons 3, 4 and 5!

The Doctor Who Companion is gathering pace with its voyage through the show’s television history. They’ve looked at Season 3, said farewell to Hartnell’s First Doctor, welcomed Troughton’s Second Doctor, met many a companion, said farewell to many more and introduced many alien races along the way. Seen in such breadth and at such pace,…

The DWC looks at season 2

Following season 1, it’s the turn of season 2 to be put under DWC spotlight: REVIEWED: DOCTOR WHO SEASON 2 – PUBESCENT ECSTASY. Frank Danes gets to talk about some of my favourite stories, including Invasion of Earth, but there’s a lot more as well. God, the show was good back in the day! +++…

The DWC reviews the whole of season one!

Over on The Doctor Who Companion, something exciting has started, with REVIEWED: DOCTOR WHO SEASON 1 – A MILD CURIOSITY. Yes, it’s a look at the whole of the first ever season of Doctor Who as a set.

Paternoster Gang Heritage 1: CultBox Review

As I said when I put some thoughts together on Paternoster Gang Heritage 1, I would do a full review. That review is on CultBox: The Paternoster Gang: Heritage 1 review. ((( Message Ends )))

The DWC needs you!

If you’ve ever wanted to write reviews / articles on Doctor Who, you might like to know The Doctor Who Companion is looking for contributors. If you’re not sure, why not take a look at the site, and if you want to know what the opportunity involves, check out WANT TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE DOCTOR WHO COMPANION? xxx Message…

Entanglement review on CultBox

I was probably a bit critical of November’s Early Adventures by Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky, but it was set in my alma mater, though a few decades before my time! That aside, Entanglement is a fun if something of parody, and well worth a listen. My review is on CultBox: Big Finish – Doctor Who: Entanglement review….

It Takes You Away review on the Doctor Who Companion

This week’s review for series 11 of Doctor Who, the (in my mind) rather splendid It Takes You Away is somewhat longer than normal. It’s also over on The Doctor Who Companion. Do have a look and let me know what you think of the review and the episode: REVIEWED: IT TAKES YOU AWAY. *** Message…

DWC collective thoughts on Kerblam!

Yet again the learned scholars at the Doctor Who Companion allowed me to add my thoughts to their collective wisdom on the latest episode of Doctor Who. Yes it’s Kerblam! time! We’re mostly positive, but not all and there’s a well made point about how easy it might be for a solid episode to look exceptional against some of the…

The DWC combined view on Demons of the Punjab

It’s time (once again) for the collective DWV view on the most recent Doctor Who, and this time it’s Demons of the Punjab. A range of opinions this time, but more positive overall than many episodes, and several people echoing / expanding points I made in my review. You can read our musings here: HERE’S WHAT THE DOCTOR…

The Good Doctor by Juno Dawson review

I had the chance to review the latest set of BBC Doctor Who books, marking the arrival of the Thirteenth Doctor. First up is Juno Dawson’s The Good Doctor. The cover gives some clues, but not so as to spoil the reading.