The DWC looks at seasons 3, 4 and 5!

The Doctor Who Companion is gathering pace with its voyage through the show’s television history. They’ve looked at Season 3, said farewell to Hartnell’s First Doctor, welcomed Troughton’s Second Doctor, met many a companion, said farewell to many more and introduced many alien races along the way. Seen in such breadth and at such pace, you really begin to get a feel for what a truly amazing show Doctor Who actually is. I’ve picked out some personal highlights below.

Season 3

In REVIEWED: DOCTOR WHO SEASON 3 – MISSING IN ACTION we get a taste of just how many episodes of the show are missing, and also get Dalek’s Masterplan. It’s not long before Celestial Toymaker and the appearance of Ben and Polly in The War Machines. Rick Lundeen is quite correct in discussing how companions just vanished at the drop of a hat, and even for Ben and Polly, we can feel they could have done more. Thanks to Big Finish and Elliot Chapman the gap is being filled!

Season 4

REVIEWED: DOCTOR WHO SEASON 4 – DIE A HERO gives us Cybermen, regeneration (and both in Tenth Planet), Daleks, more Cybermen, Jamie and writer Philip Bates takes an amusing angle to cover the stories (best to read rather than have me explain badly).

Season 5

This season is one of my personal highlights, and in REVIEWED: DOCTOR WHO SEASON 5 – RECOVERED EPISODES AND MONSTERS GALORE! the busy Rick Lundeen (again!) gets the pleasure of Yeti (twice), Ice Warriors, Cybermen and Enemy of the World. Add in Zoe, more Cybermen and the Wheel in Space and I think this season is up there with the very best in the show’s history. My personal favourite Second Doctor story Tomb of the Cybermen starts it all off and it’s just wonderful (plus I remember watching at the time!).

And then there’s my other personal favourite Second Doctor story, Web of Fear. Those were the days!

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