The DWC bids a fond farewell to Troughton in the Season 6 review

With a sense of relentless inevitability the DWC reaches Season 6 in its exploration of the entirety of Doctor Who’s television output. You can read James Baldock’s excellent piece here: REVIEWED: DOCTOR WHO SEASON 6 – ALL THE STRANGE, STRANGE CREATURES. Yes, everything from The Dominators to The War Games and all ports in-between.

Quarks, Krotons and Cybermen

As much as I’m a huge fan of Season 5, I struggle with a lot of Season 6 and even classics such as War Games would benefit from being shorter (and you can find an edit that does exactly that). And yet. There’s always an and yet. We had a strong Cybermen story and the The Mind Robber, balanced with Seeds of Death and The Krotons. James does a good job of examining all the angles, and I recommend his piece wholeheartedly.

Next up is Season 7, UNIT, colour TV and some new monsters. I wonder what the DWC makes of that?

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