Early Adventure 6.2: Daughter of the Gods review on CultBox

I enjoyed the David K Barnes Early Adventures 6.2: Daughter of the Gods a lot. On paper a possibly mad multi-Doctor story with the First Doctor, Second Doctor, Steven, Jamie and Zoe. And Daleks. And Katarina! My review is on CultBox: Daughter of the Gods – Doctor Who Early Adventures 6.2 review. It’s very different…

The DWC bids a fond farewell to Troughton in the Season 6 review

With a sense of relentless inevitability the DWC reaches Season 6 in its exploration of the entirety of Doctor Who’s television output. You can read James Baldock’s excellent piece here: REVIEWED: DOCTOR WHO SEASON 6 – ALL THE STRANGE, STRANGE CREATURES. Yes, everything from The Dominators to The War Games and all ports in-between.

Everything Second Doctor (BBC Stories)

I’d just like to use this post to point to some good resources for the BBC Second Doctor stories, in other words not anything produced since Patrick Troughton left the show in 1969, or seasons 4-6. Sometimes it’s not worth duplicating what others have done!

How I wrote Tactics of Defeat on Hero Collector

The chaps at Hero Collector kindly allowed me the opportunity to discuss how I wrote Tactics of Defeat for Big Finish as part of the Doctor Who boxset Companion Chronicles The Second Doctor Volume 02. The articles is the inevitably named: Doctor Who: Writing the Tactics of Defeat. If you do read it, please let me know how interesting you found…

Tactics of Defeat now released!

My Second Doctor / Zoe / Ruth Matheson story Tactics of Defeat has been released today as part of the Companion Chronicles THE SECOND DOCTOR VOLUME 02. Do let me know what you thought of it! *** Message Ends *** .

Two classics for Record Store Day 2018

This year’s Record Store Day 2018 (21 April), is once again a chance to grab some classic Doctor Who in the form of both City of Death and Tomb of the Cybermen.

Wreck of the World review

I thoroughly enjoyed the Timothy X Atack Early Adventures: The Wreck of the World as you can tell from my CultBox review: Doctor Who: Wreck of the World review. It’s a Second Doctor story with Jamie and Zoe with a great set of supporting characters in a memorable setting. +++ Message Ends +++

The British Invasion review

In the August 2017 Short Trips, Wendy Padbury reprises the role of Zoe in the Ian Potter Second Doctor story The British Invasion. Directed by Lisa Bowerman, this story is set in post-war Britain, and starts off as a simple tale, then becomes something much more.

The Horror of Hy-Brasil reviewed

The June 2017 Subscriber Short Trips story is The Horror of Hy-Brasil, written by sound engineer Russell McGee. It’s a cracking Second Doctor,Jamie and Zoe story, and well worth a listen. I was in studio when it was recorded, and it made an impression that has stayed with me. It’s free to main range subscribers whose subscription included Shadow Planet…

The Second Doctor Volume One reviewed

It’s the turn of the Second Doctor to have a boxset in the re-launched Companion Chronicles range. The Doctor may be the titular focus of the stories, but this set is really about his evolving relationship with Jamie. There’s no big arc, just a sense of coherence about these four stories in they all give an…

Short Trips Volume III reviewed

In 2010 / 2011, the Doctor Who Short Trips range was a regular (every few months) set of two CDs brimming with short stories read by a range of actors, for all the licensed Doctors and written by a kaleidoscope of writers. For no clear reason, I’ve decided to commence reviews with May 2011 and Short Trips Volume…