Everything Second Doctor (BBC Stories)

I’d just like to use this post to point to some good resources for the BBC Second Doctor stories, in other words not anything produced since Patrick Troughton left the show in 1969, or seasons 4-6.

Sometimes it’s not worth duplicating what others have done!

Who was the Second Doctor

If you’re a real Doctor Who newcomer, start with the BBC’s own guide: The Second Doctor. All done? Good!

Now, there were three seasons worth of stories, and The Radio Times has collected together its reviews of all of them: Patrick Troughton 1966-1969. If you look closer, you’ll find out there’s more than just reviews. Let’s take The Wheel in Space as an example. Zoe’s first appearance only gets a two-star rating, but the review finds plenty to like and has scans of original listings from the Radio Times at the time. The reviews all have lots of extra bits and are well worth a look.

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