Celestial Toyroom Annual 2021

The DWAS kicks off 2021 with the free Celestial Toyroom Annual 2021 and it’s all things Second Doctor with a great cover, piece from Anneke Wills and every Patrick Troughton story covered. You can grab it now from the link, and if you look around you can still get the previous few for free a…

The DWC bids a fond farewell to Troughton in the Season 6 review

With a sense of relentless inevitability the DWC reaches Season 6 in its exploration of the entirety of Doctor Who’s television output. You can read James Baldock’s excellent piece here: REVIEWED: DOCTOR WHO SEASON 6 – ALL THE STRANGE, STRANGE CREATURES. Yes, everything from The Dominators to The War Games and all ports in-between.

Troughton, Pertwee and Davison 1983 interview

Thanks to the BBC Archive twitter, here’s a chance to watch a four minute interview from a 1983 episode of Nationwide with Sue Lawley talking to Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee and Peter Davison. Jelly Baby anyone?! [=] Message Ends [=]

Everything Second Doctor (BBC Stories)

I’d just like to use this post to point to some good resources for the BBC Second Doctor stories, in other words not anything produced since Patrick Troughton left the show in 1969, or seasons 4-6. Sometimes it’s not worth duplicating what others have done!

The Arrival of the Second Doctor

I found a good piece on the cusp between the First Doctor and Second Doctor on something called The BBC Genome Blog. The piece is by Andrew Martin (who I assume is the same person who has written with Justin Richards). The piece is: Doctor Who: The Regeneration Game.

How might the Thirteenth Doctor echo the Second?

It’s less than a week before Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor appears on our screens, so expect lots of attention grabbing posts like this one on all your favourite blogs! My premiss is simple: if we are on a new cycle of incarnations for the Doctor, and if Peter Capaldi was an echo for William Hartnell, could…

The one with ten years of history – The Three Doctors reviewed

In a radical departure (and who knows it might even be a one-off) I am blogging about a Doctor Who story as I watch it. For this experiment I have selected another anniversary story The Three Doctors, having already reviewed The Renaissance of the Daleks here. Before I start watching I will note the few things I remember (I…