Legacy of Time: Split Infinitive review

Next stop for the Legacy of Time is Split Infinitive. I won’t give much in the way of spoilers, but I will assume you’ve listened to Lies in Ruins so I might put in some details from that story I didn’t use in its review. John Dorney has the writing honours, and we have the Seventh Doctor, Ace and the Counter Measures team!

Split Infinitive

In many ways, Split Infinitive is really a Counter Measures story with the Doctor and Ace featuring large. There’s a time anomaly between the 1960s and ’70s, and the Doctor needs friends in both times. Cue a chance for the Counter Measures actors to be recreate two eras of their timeline. Talking about recreating, Sophie Aldred is on good form as a young Ace, very much not far older than Remembrance of the Daleks.

A group of London villains is exploiting advanced tech to conduct robberies across two decades and here John Dorney excels by telling a story with plenty of time travel content, yet entirely internally consistent (to my first listen). It’s a cracking tale, flows well and my main complaint is it’s slightly shorter than other stories in the boxset.

In terms of twists when we learn of the returning villain I was nicely surprised. It wasn’t overdone, nothing extreme, just a good use of a villain we haven’t heard for a few years.

The overall story

We know this is going to fit in with some complex arc, but for now we are no nearer understanding where the dying TARDIS came from in the previous story, and now we have a group of new time-travellers to worry about. Several mysteries, some of which will no doubt prove red herrings.

Next stop Jo Grant, UNIT and it’s possibly bad news (?) as we learn of The Sacrifice of Jo Grant!

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