Third Doctor, Churchill and Daleks coming in May!

Coming this May, 2020 Third DoctorAdventures Volume 6. The cover gives away a lot but we now have even more details – the Brigadier is confirmed (hinted strongly on the page) as well as Sgt Benton. It’s the 1970s all over again!

Legacy of Time: Sacrifice of Jo Grant review

Guy Adams takes The Legacy of Time to the midway point in the Third Doctor / modern UNIT crossover The Sacrifice of Jo Grant. There’s no real villain, and as Guy Adams also wrote the final story in the set, I’m looking for clues. I also want to be entertained. This story certainly does the…

The Tyrants of Logic review

I continue to catch up with belated Third Doctor reviews with the second story in The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 04. It’s the turn of Marc Platt and finally the Third Doctor gets to battle the Cybermen. It’s a strong piece of story-telling and reminds me of an article I read decades ago. Let’s chat…

Rise of the New Humans review

What’s better than a Third Doctor themed month for a chance to catch up with some (very) overdue reviews. A year ago Big Finish released The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 4; here’s my review of the first story, the rather good Guy Adams tale, The Rise of the New Humans. The second story will be…

Third Doctor news: Brig and Liz Shaw recast

Big Finish has announced details of the fifth volume of Third Doctor Adventures with not one but two re-castings! Alongside Katy Manning, John Levene and Tim Treloar, Jon Culshaw will be playing the Brigadier and Daisy Ashbrook, daughter of Caroline John, will be playing Liz Shaw! The news item is: BRIGADIER, BENTON AND LIZ RETURN.

Third Doctor Adventures Volume 03 review

I put together some thoughts on the highly enjoyable Third Doctor Adventures Volume 03 for CultBox. It’s two great stories from Nick Briggs and Andrew Smith with Katy Manning back as Jo Grant. Tim Treloar is in good form as the Third Doctor and it’s well worth a listen. The review is: Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures…

Third Doctor Adventures Volume 2 review

Tim Treloar returns to the role of the Third Doctor in THE THIRD DOCTOR ADVENTURES VOLUME 02, a pair of stories over four discs with a fifth disc of behind the scenes material. I enjoyed the first volume, but this is better with a more confident portrayal by Tim Treloar and the part-narrative style has been dropped….

Short Trips Damascus reviewed

August 2016 and Jonathan Barnes gave us not only an excellent Sherlock Holmes boxset, but this month’s Short Trips story Damascus. A Third Doctor story, this is narrated by Tim Treloar, and takes us (no surprises) back to the 1970s…

Big Finish announces the Third Doctor Adventures

Big Finish has announced a series of Third Doctor Adventures complementing the already published Early Adventures in giving us the only unrepresented incarnation of the Doctor following the retirement of the Companion Chronicles. Details on the Big Finish website: Doctor Who: The Third Doctor boxed set!

Never say Nerva! Destination Nerva reviewed

On a historic Monday the 9th of January 2012, Big Finish released Destination Nerva, the first of their Fourth Doctor Adventures a new range featuring (at last) Tom Baker. Much missed by fans as the only living classic Doctor Who not to feature in the new audio adventures would this be a triumph or case of…