Cosmic Masque XII out now, and still free!

The freely downloadable (not even an email address sign-up required) Cosmic Masque XII from the DWAS has just appeared on the DWAS site. It’s a PDF of over 60 pages. Despite the Third Doctor cover, much of the material looks at Time Lord Victorious. There’s also a healthy dose of fan fiction and some reviews….

Terraqueous to release an unofficial Dr Who omnibus

Terreaqueous has revealed plans to release an omnibus of three recent unofficial annuals. August will see the release of ‘The unofficial Dr Who omnibus’, which has a staggering 461 pages and collects the 1972 annual, 1987 annual, and the Master annual.

Doctor Who: Third Doctor Adventures vol 6 review on CultBox

I reviewed Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures volume 06 for CultBox and be warned — I didn’t think it was up to standard for many reasons, the bulk of which are in the review. Volume 5 worked much better in my view. It’s not possible to like everything, and as a reviewer once I…

A Weekend at Devil’s End – celebrating The Daemons at 50

Here’s a scary thought — next year it will be 50 years since Doctor Who and the Daemons was broadcast. I don’t remember being the boy who watched it very well, but I remember The Daemons. To be fair I have seen it a few times, and even after a critical rewatch of Liz Shaw’s…

Third Doctor, Churchill and Daleks coming in May!

Coming this May, 2020 Third DoctorAdventures Volume 6. The cover gives away a lot but we now have even more details – the Brigadier is confirmed (hinted strongly on the page) as well as Sgt Benton. It’s the 1970s all over again!

Aldbourne in the archives

While doing the research I described in Genesis of the Doctor, I was reminded (it was an old bookmark!) of a piece on Doctor Who The Daemons I also found on the BBC, and also rather abandoned. (And also another classic episode unreviewed!) Without further ado, here’s Out of this world in Aldbourne, all about…

Obverse Books update

Obverse Books has been kind enough to share details of forthcoming releases in their Black Archive range as well as the cover for new release Doctor Who and the Silurians. My own review is here if you want to compare – the Black Archive version covers land rights, the 1970s energy crisis, technological innovation, animal…

Celestial Toyroom 2020 now available (and free!)

Once more the Doctor Who Appreciation Society (DWAS) starts the new year with a Celestial Toyroom Annual. The theme for 2020 is the Third Doctor and there’s an introduction by Katy Manning as well as articles on all of John Pertwee’s TV stories. I’m proud to have written the piece on Colony in Space. The…

Doctor Who on Boxing Day?!

Good news, there will be Doctor Who on Boxing Day this year (2019). The (perhaps) less good news – it’s every available classic episode streamed on new service BritBox as reported on The Doctor Who Companion: EVERY SURVIVING EPISODE OF CLASSIC DOCTOR WHO COMING TO BRITBOX ON BOXING DAY. Enjoy! *** Message Ends ***

Colony in Space – some observations

Since I had a rewatch (after nearly 50 years) of season 7 of Doctor Who for The Doctor Who Companion, I’ve had a few Pertwee stories on my pile of DVDs to watch at some point. I’ve just finished Colony in Space and here are a few thoughts. I would have done a review, but…