Doctor Who back on Twitch Jan 2019

As reported on The Doctor Who Companion and elsewhere, there’s another run for Doctor Who on Twitch coming up. What’s worth calling out about their coverage is a full list of when each story will be broadcast (UK time focussed). See the details: DOCTOR WHO IS RETURNING TO TWITCH: HERE’S THE FULL JANUARY SCHEDULE. Just in time for my…

Theme for 2019

With Doctor Who very much not on our screens in 2019 (apart from later today!) I’ve decided I will theme the first few (seven) months of the year around the so-called classic Doctors. Each month I will look at some episodes from the relevant Doctor and post reviews and anything else of interest. I’ll weave in some…

Third Doctor news: Brig and Liz Shaw recast

Big Finish has announced details of the fifth volume of Third Doctor Adventures with not one but two re-castings! Alongside Katy Manning, John Levene and Tim Treloar, Jon Culshaw will be playing the Brigadier and Daisy Ashbrook, daughter of Caroline John, will be playing Liz Shaw! The news item is: BRIGADIER, BENTON AND LIZ RETURN.

Don’t forget the Third Doctor offers

While we wait for Rosa, don’t forget to check out the latest Big Finish bargains, and this week it’s the Third Doctor. A varied mix, including the time when Jo met the Scorchies! Details: THIRTEENTH DOCTOR SPECIAL OFFERS WEEK 3. +++ Message Ends +++  

Soph draws twitch

If you’re following the twitch stream of Doctor Who, you might like to also check out the work of Bristol based artist Soph. She has lots on twitter (see the link) and a blog through which you can buy her prints: S.ILES ART. +++ Message Ends +++

Second Doctor Who Audio Annual review

Like the first Doctor Who Audio Annual, this is a two-disc set of six stories, on for each of the first six Doctors, each read by an actor who played a companion (or the Master). The stories are from original 1960s-80s Doctor Who Annuals, and are well read and produced. The cast of readers is again Peter Purves,…