Spearhead from Space review

The Third Doctor kick-started the 1970s with Spearhead from Space and the BBC archive page linked is well worth a proper read and gives a decent view of just how many firsts this story represents. I don’t think it’s perfect, but it has a lot going for it despite certain scenes aiming too closely to…

What did the Third Doctor ever do for the show?

It’s March, so it’s the Third Doctor theme here on Red Rocket Rising, and time to discuss the sometimes frustrated exile and ask the Monty Python Romans question: What did the third Doctor ever do for the show? It’s 2019 now and Jon Pertwee’s main run as the Doctor was 1970-1974, ending 45 years ago! Though I’m a…

Torchwood vs Doctor Who Monsters announced

Just a few days before Big Finish Day 2018 (so what’s announced then?!) is an intriguing set of details about the 2019-20 run of Torchwood monthly titles from Big Finish. The covers give away some details of the first four releases: each is a crossover with a monster from Doctor Who!

More Doctor Who Mr Men mash-ups!

Thanks to the Radio Times for details of the next wave of Mr Men meets Doctor Who. I’ve resisted getting these (so far!) but they do look great! Details here: The Ninth Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack face the Autons in one of four new Doctor Who-Mr Men mash-up books. ++> Message Ends <++

UNIT-Extinction reviewed

So, here it is, the first post-2005 release for Big Finish in the modern world of Doctor Who. Written by Matt Fitton and Andrew Smith, UNIT-Extinction brings Kate Stewart and Petronella Osgood face to face with the Autons. This time there’s no Doctor to save the day, but don’t worry, UNIT has some resources of its own….

UNIT: Extinction announced!

Let’s just enjoy the warm glow of today’s announcement: yes it’s a fully BBC approved new series, UNIT: Extinction with Jemma Redgrave as Kate Stewart! See UNIT – EXTINCTION for details. Suffice it to say Autons!