BBC Books reissues Target titles

A piece from The Bookseller for any fan of the Doctor Who Target books: BBC Books reissues seven Doctor Who ‘classics’. BBC Books will publish the titles on April 28, both physical and e-book versions will be available. Later in the year there will also be three hardback reissues.

The Divergent Universe arc reviewed

Following various sales I collected all the Charley and Eighth Doctor stories from after Zagreus up until before The Girl Who Never Was. This comprises the stories from the Divergent Universe (which I review in this piece) and the subsequent stories (which I may review elsewhere). Scherzo also came in this set but that is reviewed here: Scherzo by Robert Shearman…

Oblivion – Erys – Scavenger: The 2014 Sixth Doctor trilogy reviewed

The Big Finish main range kicked off 2014 with a trilogy for the Sixth Doctor and Flip giving a welcome return for Lisa Greenwood. The stories were Antidote to Oblivion (Philip Martin), Brood of Erys (Andrew Smith) and The Scavenger (William Gallagher). How were they and did the three stories work as a set? ‘Ware the spoilers!

Lost Stories Season 1 reviewed

The Lost Stories are a bit of a mixed bag. Given their genesis this is hardly surprising though it does set a challenge to the reviewer. One could review then as they were made at the time originally intended, review with modern eyes or consider them as wholly new pieces of work. In this article I…

Flip & The Sixth Doctor 2014 trilogy news

The covers and synopses for the 2014 Sixth Doctor trilogy are all now available on the Big Finish website. If you hadn’t realised this series also gives us the return of Lisa Greenwood as Flip Jackson. What else is there to look forward to in this first trilogy of the year? Find out…