Mission Improbable review

It’s a welcome return to the Doctor Who Subscriber Short Trips for Chris Wing (who wrote Bletchington Station). Free with Serpent in the Silver Mask is Mission Improbable, a Sixth Doctor and Evelyn Smythe adventure, read (with his usual style) by Stephen Critchlow.

Mission Improbable…

Without too much in the way of spoilers (there’s no product page for the Subscriber Short Trips until they appear on special release), here’s the sense of the story…

Evelyn is confidently expecting the Doctor to rescue her but is her faith misplaced? Could this be the day the Doctor fails to pull off a trademark last minute rescue? Will he be able to steer the TARDIS and show his technological superiority one more time?

What Chris Wing does in this story is take a (perhaps tongue-in-cheek) look at some standard ingredients of a Doctor Who story and finds a way, through the audio equivalent of split screen, for reality to increasingly fail to match aspiration.

All you need to know is Mission Improbable is well worth a download if you’re a subscriber, if nothing else as a reminder of Evelyn Smythe. There are much worse ways to spend thirty minutes!

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