Sixth Doctor on Radio 4 Extra

BBC Radio 4 Extra is starting a run of Sixth Doctor stories starting with the Jonathan Morris story The Crimes of Thomas Brewster. The first episode is today (2 Feb 2019) at 6pm (repeated at midnight); details here. For me it’s a good story and mixes Evelyn, Brewster, DI Menzies with the first appearance of Flip! The BBC…

Mission Improbable review

It’s a welcome return to the Doctor Who Subscriber Short Trips for Chris Wing (who wrote Bletchington Station). Free with Serpent in the Silver Mask is Mission Improbable, a Sixth Doctor and Evelyn Smythe adventure, read (with his usual style) by Stephen Critchlow.

7 Recommendations for the Big Finish Main Range 101 – 150

So, the back-catalogue sales of the Big Finish Main Range continue with a reduction on releases 101 – 150. The news item (DOCTOR WHO MAIN RANGE OFFERS) has some very good recommendations, and I do agree with Liv Chenka’s Seventh Doctor debit Robophobia, the Sixth Doctor and Jamie trilogy starting at City of Spires, the Klein trilogy (for Klein’s Story and Architects of…

Doctor Who and the Pirates artwork

I’ve been unable to tear myself away from Kenny Smith’s archive trawl on twitter, and here’s artwork for one of my favourite stories, Doctor Who and the Pirates. Written by Jac Rayner, it’s a brilliant Sixth Doctor and Evelyn story also starring Helen Goldwyn. What’s not to like?! ~~~ Message Ends ~~~

Crimes of Thomas Brewster on Radio 4 Extra

If you have access to BBC Radio 4 Extra / iPlayer Radio app, then you might like to know there is a new run of Big Finish releases starting with Jonathan Morris’s The Crimes of Thomas Brewster. I really like this story; part of the action is set on the London Underground near Gt Portland Street…

The next companion

Not long now until Last Christmas and much speculation over Clara – is this her final story (specials aside)? Regardless of the outcome of this year’s Christmas special, there will be a time when Jenna (Louise) Coleman will move on, even were she to spend a decade on-board with the next three incarnations. I can’t imagine…

The Nowhere Place reviewed

Nick Briggs wrote, directed and appeared in The Nowhere Place a Sixth Doctor and Evelyn tale. If nothing else the cover immediately adds it to The Great Big Finish Train Mystery and the title adds to the ambience of sinister goings on but what else is this story about?