The next companion

CompanionsNot long now until Last Christmas and much speculation over Clara – is this her final story (specials aside)?

Regardless of the outcome of this year’s Christmas special, there will be a time when Jenna (Louise) Coleman will move on, even were she to spend a decade on-board with the next three incarnations. I can’t imagine she will be the final companion. What type of companion might we get next?

The next companion

Is it just me or all the modern (and many of the so-called classic) companions somewhat predictable? If the recent pattern is followed it will be a British woman in her early / mid twenties, pretty and either of mythic status (girl who waited, impossible girl) or one who goes on to achieve fantastic things by travelling with the Doctor (girl next door crosses the universes, young Doctor walks the Earth to bring the Doctor back to normal, gobby PA is most important person in history) wouldn’t it be nice to have something less extreme?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have more than one companion? They don’t need to be known to each other or form a couple. Maybe have a male companion not a female one? Look what Big Finish achieved with an older companion in the form of Evelyn?

Do they have to be from today, and represent the viewer by proxy? How about a person from the past (Jamie, Victoria) or the future (Steven, Sara Kingdom, Zoe).

The problem is the show is a big deal and the companion needs to be part of the brand so having a regular person appear then not become larger than life doesn’t give the writers an easy story arc, a non-Doctor to focus on. Wouldn’t it be nice to do something different?


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