Eleventh Doctor Chronicles review

The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles gives Jacob Dudman the chance to perform as the Eleventh Doctor in four hour-long audio dramas. They are in the Companion Chronicles format, meaning (generally) narrative and a second actor to flesh out the story. Under the watchful ear of director Helen Goldwyn, Jacob does (another) great job in recreating a modern incarnation of the…

The Day She Saved The Doctor review

I enjoyed the all-female writer The Day She Saved The Doctor collection for several reasons. It was nice to have Sarah Jane Smith in Jaq Rayner’s story, and to hear new writers Susan Calman and Dorothy Koomson. My review is on Starburst: THE DAY SHE SAVED THE DOCTOR. *** Message Ends ***

Twice Upon a Time review

So, the end of several eras and lots of nostalgia in a Christmas special combining multiple Doctors, plenty of reflection and the thinnest of stories supporting some great performances. Twice Upon a Time delivered what it promised, no less and perhaps no more. There are many spoilers to follow; you’ve been warned!

The Day She Saved the Doctor

To mark International Women’s Day in March 2018, we have Doctor Who: The Day She Saved the Doctor Four Stories from the TARDIS. Four female authors (see later), four female companions (Sarah-Jane, Rose, Clara and Bill) and available as an audio-book (reader unknown) or book.

Class: For Tonight We Might Die… review

So, let’s all get on and enjoy the lives we have, For Tonight We Might Die… Class is here, and I for one think (despite things I will criticise) it made a good start and I was mostly gripped. I’m keen to see the second episode and think it holds promise.

Snacks and Gas – another spin-off idea

I shared some thoughts about Big Finish producing a spin-off based around Trap Street; now we’ve had Hell Bent we even see the next series emerging from the end – yes it’s Snacks and Gas a tale of two time-travelling adventurers in their diner shaped TARDIS!

I talk Asylum of the Daleks on Kasterborous

Over on Kasterborous a group of us pooled thoughts on our favourite episode from Series 7A. I was one of many who picked the surprise appearance of Clara in Asylum of the Daleks. Read our thoughts: NUWHO 10TH ANNIVERSARY: WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE SERIES 7A STORY?. === Message Ends ===

Hell Bent reviewed

So, Hell Bent. If you haven’t seen it, click away now. This review of the Steven Moffat Twelfth Doctor story is littered with spoilers. What the Hell! If you’re just passing, I liked this (in the main) though wish it had tried a bit less and achieved a lot more. Not to say it didn’t achieve a…

Face the Raven reviewed

Sarah Dollard’s Doctor Who story, Face the Raven, can be summarised simply. Ashildr returns, tricks the Doctor into wearing a teleport bracelet and in so-doing Clara takes one risk too many. Clara ends up dead and the Doctor is teleported away as Ashildr wonders just what she has done. Of course a little bit more happened than that (and…

Thoughts ahead of Face the Raven

Time for episode 10 of 12, and it’s Face the Raven by Sarah Dollard. We get the rerun of Rigsy (from the Jamie Mathieson story Flatline). More interesting, I suspect, is the return of Maisie Williams as Ashildr. Forever doomed to be Doctor Who meets Harry Potter, what else do we know about the story?

Sleep No More – some thoughts

Rather than a review, I’m just going to collect together some thoughts as my normal structure doesn’t best serve Sleep No More. This Mark Gatiss Twelfth Doctor story has no opening credits (almost, apart from in an initial word-search), a curious plot and a novel (for Doctor Who) narrative approach — the so-called found footage style of films such as The Blair…