Thoughts ahead of Face the Raven

Doctor and Ashildr Face the RavenTime for episode 10 of 12, and it’s Face the Raven by Sarah Dollard. We get the rerun of Rigsy (from the Jamie Mathieson story Flatline). More interesting, I suspect, is the return of Maisie Williams as Ashildr. Forever doomed to be Doctor Who meets Harry Potter, what else do we know about the story?

Ravens and Doctor Who suggests something Edgar Allen Poe but the setting (from the trailers, so selective) looks more Diagon Alley than anything else. I assume that is deliberate, and I wonder if Ashildr is the Raven in question. We also get some Judoon and the suggestion not everyone will survive. Two obvious possibilities:

  1. This is when Clara dies hence next week’s one-hander
  2. This is when Ashildr dies, closing down her arc.

The reason for the return of Rigsy may be nothing more than a re-use of a decent actor than a connection back to the streets of Bristol. It may be something to do with him being an artist and the ominous tattoos. We shall see!

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