Not very excited for Revolution of the Daleks

Graham and Ryan in Revolution of the Daleks
Graham and Ryan in Revolution of the Daleks

If you come here often, you’ll have spotted I’ve been a bit quiet recently. I’ve also not had much to say about Revolution of the Daleks, despite the trailer. I’m also not that moved by fan speculation / returning villains / Daleks. I’ve a strong sense of seen it all before or just not that surprised or saw it coming; this all despite the number of twists we had in the previous series of Doctor Who. I’ll explain why…

Revolution of the Daleks may not be revolutionary

Breakup of the fam

We’ve been pretty certain Graham and Ryan would leave the show for months, so confirmation is not a surprise. It’s been time. I see Yaz is staying (for now), I do hope we get a decent dynamic, though I also wonder how Jack might alter that.

Jack’s back again

Speaking of Jack, I’ve already said it’s no surprise here, and I still feel he makes the possibility of the story work and it all looks like this may be a Doctor-lite story.

Return of the villain

When I watched Arachnids in the UK I saw plenty of potential to bring back Robertson (Chris Noth) but rereading my thoughts makes me hope we might get more Shubna Gulati (Yaz’s mum) when the show comes back.

What about the plot?

On the little we’ve seen, it looks like a Daleks inveigle themselves into government (and didn’t Jonathan Morris do that for Big Finish?) overloaded with a return for the Arachnids. Is this too much or is there some interest in Arachnids being a bit like Kaled mutants? It seems the episode might have a lot to do if it’s going to let the characters have space to breathe, but I worry we’ll just get a rush around, some shooting, some moody shots then wham, bam! All over.

I’d like it to end with the Doctor making contact and the TARDIS leaves with Yaz and Jack. Of course it’s not the TARDIS either!

Anyway, New Years Day will reveal all!

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