Class: For Tonight We Might Die… review

for-tonight-we-might-dieSo, let’s all get on and enjoy the lives we have, For Tonight We Might Die…

Class is here, and I for one think (despite things I will criticise) it made a good start and I was mostly gripped. I’m keen to see the second episode and think it holds promise.

First impressions

If you’re going to get compared to Buffy The Vampire Slayer et al, then why not go all out and start with the school prom? This is a new series, so we have lots of establishing shots and scenes, and Torchwood-like Patrick Ness start of being a bit edgy (and even a bit bloody) to put some distance between Class and Doctor Who; it’s a pity then we have a deus ex machina ending with the Doctor turning up to save the day (and read Danny and Clara’s names on the board). I understand why as it links the two worlds together thoroughly and sets up the rest of the series, I just wish it wasn’t necessary. I also would have liked less context and more mystery.

It’s early days for the characters but:

  • Miss Quill (Katherine Kelly) – superb, with real edge, wears her heart on her sleeve and has a complex backstory. OK, she isn’t a future regeneration of the Doctor, but I like the character
  • Charlie (Greg Austin) – our prince, he reminds me too much of Luke from the Sarah Jane Adventures. That said he does have a certain imperious bearing
  • April (Sophie Hopkins) – the nice (or kind) one, I found myself thinking of her as being like Willow from Buffy. It’s my own fault as I’d made a connection back to that show, and the red-hair plus the vulnerability echoed Alyson Hannigan for me
  • Ram (Fady Elsayed) – another complicated character, popular, sporty, pushy father and he deals with some difficult stuff. I felt the death of his prom date was too strong for the show and in the real world people don’t just get over things like that, never mind the disability / alien bionic leg. I wonder how this will play out
  • Tanya (Vivian Oparah) – please don’t just be the geeky kid desperate for friends. Shows like this need the brainy kid (and I blame Scooby Doo‘s Thelma) but I’d like her to be more interesting than
  • Matteusz (Jordan Renzo) – Charlie’s love interest, dragged into the circle by events. What is his back story? I’m sure we’ll find out.

Future thoughts

I hope the Doctor doesn’t need to reappear, and I suspect formula will avail and we will now get a set of stories moving the spotlight around the main characters. Torchwood ending up being not just about what came through the rift today, and I hope Coal Hill Academy ends up being more than a mortuary for teenagers and a dumping ground for dead aliens. We shall see.

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