Could Orson Pink re-appear?

Congratulations to the Radio Times for an interview with Danny/Orson Pink actor Samuel Anderson, in which he talks about how he could return, wanting the role of the Doctor and nominating a fellow actor as the new Doctor. It’s a good read: Doctor Who star Samuel Anderson has worked out how Danny Pink could make a surprise…

Class: For Tonight We Might Die… review

So, let’s all get on and enjoy the lives we have, For Tonight We Might Die… Class is here, and I for one think (despite things I will criticise) it made a good start and I was mostly gripped. I’m keen to see the second episode and think it holds promise.

Doctor Who Legacy – vote for a new expert ally

If you’d like to vote for the next (ie not this week’s) new expert level ally, pop over to this poll. Here you can vote for one of Danny Pink, Rose Tyler, Osgood, Meta-crisis tenth or Idris. I went for Rose — the poll doesn’t show you who’s winning, so wait and see!

Legacy of the Brigadier

Tiny Rebel Games has released three new Season 8 levels for Doctor Who Legacy and, as promised we have Kate Stewart as the new companion. The levels cover Dark Water and Death in Heaven. Kate is a green gem character with secondary yellow and over-power green as her power. The level is great fun to play featuring wave after…

Death in Heaven reviewed

So, that’s the end of the first Capaldi season and Steven Moffat gave us the impressive (yet flawed) Death in Heaven to mark the occasion. As I guessed there has been much love and much despair amongst fandom.

Thoughts ahead of Death in Heaven

As the Twelfth Doctor gets ready to leave our screens for a few weeks (I’m sure he’ll be back on Christmas Day) what do I think we will find out in tonight’s finale, Steven Moffat’s Death in Heaven? Will we learn more about Osgood and her scarf?

Dark Water reviewed

With Dark Water, Steven Moffat has excelled, giving us surprise, suspense, some mild humour and plenty to think about. He continued to dabbled with the show’s DNA, linked up parts of the story arc and showed how relationships move on with some complex characters. The story covered ground that might never have been expected and with…

Thoughts ahead of Dark Water

When you thought Doctor Who couldn’t get any more surreal, welcome to Dark Water! This Steven Moffat finale part I gives us selfies with Cybermen no less – a phrase I thought I might never type. What’s next? Dinner with a Dalek? Chess with an ancient god (oh no, that’s been done as well!)?

In the Forest of the Night review

Frank Cottrell Boyce wrote the eco-friendly In the Forest of the Night, the latest Twelfth Doctor adventure. Various described as mythic, wonderful or irritating on the forums and other places I felt both pleased and disappointed by this story…

Thoughts ahead of In the Forest of the Night

Quite clearly there’s a big William Blake motif with the title of the story being In the Forest of the Night and the use of tigers. People are also seeing an ecology message with the infiltration of jungle.

The Caretaker reviewed

Gareth Roberts and Steven Moffat gave us the sixth of twelve episodes of this series of Doctor Who in the form of The Caretaker. With a sideshow of an alien killing mega-robot to contend with, just how would Clara find the time to introduce her boyfriend to the Doctor? Can Coal Hill survive? Find out…

Thoughts ahead of The Caretaker

So, once again Coal Hill School is the centre of events having featured in Unearthly Child, Remembrance of the Daleks and several Big Finish titles. This week’s The Caretaker is a Gareth Roberts / Steven Moffat script and promises us love, monsters and more!