Thoughts ahead of Death in Heaven

Death in Heaven Promo picAs the Twelfth Doctor gets ready to leave our screens for a few weeks (I’m sure he’ll be back on Christmas Day) what do I think we will find out in tonight’s finale, Steven Moffat’s Death in Heaven? Will we learn more about Osgood and her scarf?

From the BBC’s own announcements we know that the afterlife is an elaborate confidence trick run by Missy. We also know that Missy is the Master regenerated. If nothing else this lets me think the following might happen:

  • We learn how the Master survived (and regenerated) given last time he was seen on the way to Gallifrey under the wrathful gaze of Rassilon. My guess is the Master (?as Missy) escaped at the end of Time of the Doctor when the regeneration energy was sent down to Trenzalore
  • I think the Master might end up captured and a prisoner of UNIT. Those old enough to remember the Third Doctor will know that the Master was a frequent guest of UNIT prisons in the 1970s. I do hope Missy doesn’t regenerate again (unless she becomes Clara!!) and returns at some stage next year.

Missy aside lets not forget that Danny is dead. How will Orson get born if Clara and Danny don’t have children? Clara might be pregnant already so the continuity can persist – this would (I assume) also mean Clara would have to leave the TARDIS (look what happened to Amy Pond!). Danny could either get undead (why just him), history could get unwound (a bit deus ex machina) or something even more clever could happen. My money is on the final of those.

Apart from that, as others have said the Cybermen are a bit of window dressing and will no doubt be a big threat dealt with by something clever (reversing the polarity of the Nethersphere anyone?).

I am more confident in predicting the following:

  • It will be clever and surprising in some regard
  • Danny, Clara and the Doctor will survive and final scene will include Osgood and Kate Stewart
  • Most commentators will love it and declare Capaldi the best Doctor ever and this the best series of all time. Let’s hope this isn’t the case – onwards and upwards I say!

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