Thoughts ahead of Dark Water

Selfie with a Cyberman - Dark WaterWhen you thought Doctor Who couldn’t get any more surreal, welcome to Dark Water! This Steven Moffat finale part I gives us selfies with Cybermen no less – a phrase I thought I might never type. What’s next? Dinner with a Dalek? Chess with an ancient god (oh no, that’s been done as well!)?

Back to more serious matters, we learn that Clara is a baddie, the Twelfth Doctor meets Missy (and we find out who she is) and there are some impossible decisions. I imagine that Clara’s love for Danny will save the day in the second part, Missy is either the Doctor / Valeyard / Black Guardian / Master / Meddling Monk / Romana / Clara/ Susan / Rassilon… (surely that’s everyone?) and we learn why the dead have been collected through the series.

Cybermen from The InvasionExpect lots of big shots and maybe a recreation of some classic London / Cybermen scenes (ie the Second Doctor story The Invasion). Above all expect the usual polarisation of fan opinion on Sunday!

Update (31/10/14) – this piece from The Metro is worth a read: Is Clara Oswald the most dangerous companion ever?

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