Thoughts ahead of The Caretaker

Doctor_Who__promo_The_CaretakerSo, once again Coal Hill School is the centre of events having featured in Unearthly ChildRemembrance of the Daleks and several Big Finish titles. This week’s The Caretaker is a Gareth Roberts / Steven Moffat script and promises us love, monsters and more!

Various sources have focussed on the staff member dressed a bit like the Matt Smith incarnation and the fact that we are going to get some teenagers in the TARDIS here and there. The synopsis focusses on the Doctor meeting Danny Pink. I haven’t seen anyone point to the time when the Tenth Doctor worked undercover in a school and met up with Sarah Jane Smith again (School Reunion); this makes me think: old companion, Coal Hill, chair of board of governors… could Ian Chesterton make an appearance?!

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