Early release for Volume Two of the Novel adaptations

If you are awaiting May’s release of the second volume of Doctor Who novel adaptations from Big Finish, good news! They are out Monday – a whole month early. Full details here: DOCTOR WHO – NOVEL ADAPTATIONS EARLY RELEASE!

Highest Science review on Starburst

I reviewed The Highest Science over on Starburst: THE HIGHEST SCIENCE (DOCTOR WHO). As ever, feel free to leave any comments (0) Message Ends (0)

Highest Science reviewed

The Highest Science is a Seventh Doctor + Benny story staged over two discs. It is adapted by Jacqueline Rayner from the original Gareth Roberts novel and apart from Sylvester and Lisa B the cast includes Sinead Keenan, Daniel Brocklebank, Tom Bell and Sarah Ovens. The book was published in 1993 – I am unsure why this…

The Caretaker reviewed

Gareth Roberts and Steven Moffat gave us the sixth of twelve episodes of this series of Doctor Who in the form of The Caretaker. With a sideshow of an alien killing mega-robot to contend with, just how would Clara find the time to introduce her boyfriend to the Doctor? Can Coal Hill survive? Find out…

Thoughts ahead of The Caretaker

So, once again Coal Hill School is the centre of events having featured in Unearthly Child, Remembrance of the Daleks and several Big Finish titles. This week’s The Caretaker is a Gareth Roberts / Steven Moffat script and promises us love, monsters and more!

Baker and Ward (news)

in amongst all the excitement of the anniversary here’s a news item that I overlooked – apologies. Big Finish have announced that Tom Baker will once again join forces with Lalla Ward and John Leeson in a series of releases starting in 2015.