Original Sin (audio) review

One of many December 2016 treats from Big Finish was the John Dorney adaptation of Andy Lane’s 1995 New Adventures novel Original Sin. It’s an important story; it introduces new companions Roz Forrester and Chris Cwej to the Seventh Doctor, and needs to entertain as well compressing 320 pages into two discs of entertainment. I’ve not read the…

Nightshade reviewed

Nightshade is the latest in the series of rather ad hoc adaptations of Seventh Doctor  novels. Originally written for Virgin New Adventures by Mark Gatiss and adapted by Kyle C Szikora it gives us a Doctor in moody humour and this gives Ace plenty of chance to get to explore on her own as people in…

2015: Top 10 Who releases on CultBox

I gave some thought to Ian McArdell as part of his Top 10 Big Finish Doctor Who releases of 2015. The list is over on Cultbox: Top 10 ‘Doctor Who’ audio releases from Big Finish in 2015. Do have a look and let me know if you agree or disagree! <-+ Message Ends +->

All Consuming Fire reviewed on CultBox

I gave my thoughts on All Consuming Fire, on CultBox. If you don’t know, this was a novel by Andy Lane for the Seventh Doctor, Ace, Benny and Sherlock Holmes! The review was part of my December 2015 joint round-up with Ian McArdell. The article is: ‘Doctor Who’ audio play reviews round-up: Out in December 2015 from Big Finish….

Theatre of War reviewed

Justin Richards adapted his 1994 novel Theatre of War for the Big Finish Doctor Who Novel Adaptations range. A Seventh Doctor story, this has Ace and Benny as companions and is also notable for the first appearance of Irving Braxiatel (who has been important to the Bernice Summerfield range). The story starts as an archaeology story, then becomes a mystery,…

Damaged Goods reviewed

I’ve already done a brief review of Damaged Goods for CultBox; this is a more in-depth look at this milestone Seventh Doctor story by Russell T Davies, as adapted by Jonathan Morris. As many of you will know, Damaged Goods (1996) was a Virgin Publishing New Adventures story and one of RTD’s few published full-length pieces of fiction.

Damaged Goods reviewed on CultBox

My Cultbox review of the very excellent (grammar?!) Damaged Goods is now live: CultBox Damaged Goods review. This is a very good piece of drama adapted by Jonathan Morris from the Russell T Davies novel. I will be following up with a more detailed review here in the near future. === Message Ends ===

Early release for Volume Two of the Novel adaptations

If you are awaiting May’s release of the second volume of Doctor Who novel adaptations from Big Finish, good news! They are out Monday – a whole month early. Full details here: DOCTOR WHO – NOVEL ADAPTATIONS EARLY RELEASE!

Big Finish novel adaptation news

The announcements continue! We’ve had the licence, we’ve had The Doom Coalition, now it’s the turn of the novel adaptations. There is also an announcement due tomorrow! Today’s announcement is here: DOCTOR WHO: THE NOVEL ADAPTATIONS CONTINUE! This means lots more Seventh Doctor. Bundles are available! My thoughts (such as they are, I’ve read few of the Virgin Adventures)…