Big Finish novel adaptation news

Seventh Doctor novel adaptions imageThe announcements continue! We’ve had the licence, we’ve had The Doom Coalition, now it’s the turn of the novel adaptations. There is also an announcement due tomorrow! Today’s announcement is here: DOCTOR WHO: THE NOVEL ADAPTATIONS CONTINUE! This means lots more Seventh Doctor. Bundles are available!

My thoughts (such as they are, I’ve read few of the Virgin Adventures) are below…

The novels

December 2015 sees Theatre of War, written (in 1994) and adapted by Justin Richards and it’s Ace and Benny

December also gives a cross-over with Sherlock Holmes (played by Nick Briggs already on Big Finish audio) in All-consuming Fire the 1994 Andy Lane novel adapted by Guy Adams. This also gives us Ace and Benny

April 2016 sees a Mark Gatiss novel, 1992’s Nightshade adapted by newcomer Kyle Szikora and just featuring Ace as the companion

December 2016 has a John Dorney adaptation of another Andy Lane novel, the 1995 tale Original Sin. This has Benny and the Doctor meeting Adjudicator Roz Forrester and Chris Cwej for the first time

December 2016 also brings a surprise. The only clue we have is it won’t be Human Nature. Lungbarrow anybody?

4 thoughts on “Big Finish novel adaptation news

  1. 25th anniversary release of the Timewyrm quartet? Probably near impossible to condense down onto 3 discs tho…

    My more realistic guess would be Cold Fusion.


  2. I’m guessing Cold Fusion. We have Roz and Chris. We have Nyssa, Tegan and now Adric. We have the Fifth and Seventh Doctors. All they need to do now is record the thing!
    That said, I can probably rule out First Frontier, due to the presence of the Ainley version of the Master, not to mention the continuity head-scratching relating to Dust Breeding and the PDA novels, mainly Prime Time.
    Am I the only one that gets lost trying to get along the Master’s timeline between Survival and the TV movie?


    • Cold Fusion is certainly a popular guess. As to continuity around the Seventh Doctor with the Master mixed in, well I hear it is a topic in advanced temporal mechanics at the University of Arcadia


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