Doom Coalition – first thoughts

Doom Coalition 1 CoverThis weekend’s plethora of Doctor Who announcements from Big Finish continues with an update on the next set of Eighth Doctor boxsets – The Doom Coalition. Now we know who Helen Sinclair is an have much else to contemplate. The Big Finish news item is here: DOCTOR WHO: DOOM COALITION – COMING OCTOBER 2015 and more specifics on the first release are on its product page.

My own thoughts and observations follow…

What we know so far

Paul McGann and Hattie MorahanThis is post-Dark Eyes and Nicola Walker is back as Liv, at least for this set. Hattie Morahan plays new companion Helen Sinclair (the actress did star in The Bletchley Circle with Paul McGann). The picture to the left is from the Big Finish FaceBook page.

The back story for Helen Sinclair is intriguing, and I quote David Richardson from the news story:

Helen is from 1963She was, in part, inspired by Doctor Who’s first producer Verity Lambert – she’s a driven, career-minded woman in a male-dominated profession. And she’s a head-strong and capable companion in the mould of Barbara Wright, Sarah Jane Smith and Tegan Jovanka

This promise much and fingers crossed it delivers.

There are no signs of Daleks, instead a new enemy, The Eleven. This is a much regenerated Time Lord villain (another one!) imprisoned by the Seventh Doctor on Gallifrey and now free to wreak terror. He is described as an insane sociopath – I look forward to comparisons with various incarnations of The Master.

The writers for the first of what will be four linked boxsets are Matt Fitton, John Dorney, Marc Platt and the, as yet, unknown Edward Collier. More on the last of these as I find it out. First release is October 2015, after Big Finish Day 7, then every six months. Will there be more to this? A main range story for The Eleven and the Seventh Doctor perhaps? Stay tuned!

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