Doctor Who: Purgatory 12 review

The 2020 Fourth Doctor Adventures expand the period when the Doctor, Romana, K9 and Adric were trapped in e-Space. January gave us two stories each taking two discs – very much the form of four classic TV episodes. First of these is a strong Marc Platt tale – Purgatory 12.

The Tyrants of Logic review

I continue to catch up with belated Third Doctor reviews with the second story in The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 04. It’s the turn of Marc Platt and finally the Third Doctor gets to battle the Cybermen. It’s a strong piece of story-telling and reminds me of an article I read decades ago. Let’s chat…

First Doctor Adventures 3 review on Cultbox

The First Doctor Adventures Volume 3 brought a superb historical from Marc Platt and a quirky story from Guy Adams, the latter with Carole Ann Ford sharing a story with the new-cast First Doctor team. I loved it and said as much on CultBox: The First Doctor Adventures Volume 03 review. ::: Message Ends :::

The Thief Who Stole Time review

So, it’s the end of another run of Fourth Doctor Adventures and we have the listening pleasure of Marc Platt’s The Thief Who Stole Time, the second part of the story he began in The Skin of the Sleek, If you’ve heard the previous instalment, you’ve more than likely a subscription to all nine episodes of this sixth…

The Skin of the Sleek review

As the latest run of Fourth Doctor Adventures comes towards its conclusion, Marc Platt brings us part one of the finale in the form of Skin of the Sleek. It gives us a strange new world, and an academy friend of Romana’s — Sartia (Joannah Tincey) and the sleeks, the giant eels of the title. It’s a…