The DWC reviews the whole of season one!

Over on The Doctor Who Companion, something exciting has started, with REVIEWED: DOCTOR WHO SEASON 1 – A MILD CURIOSITY. Yes, it’s a look at the whole of the first ever season of Doctor Who as a set.

Should Big Finish remake Unearthly Child (and even Daleks)?

Listening to the January 2019 First Doctor Adventures release, a thought struck me: what if Big Finish remade Unearthly Child? Is it a mad idea? Why would you want to make it? Could you even get the permissions? Stay with me and I’ll walk you through my thinking…

The Space Museum – some thoughts

I’ve been watching the First Doctor series 2 story The Space Museum. It’s not at the top of most people’s top episodes from the 1960s, but I suggest it isn’t as bad as might be thought. Yes a lot of the acting doesn’t work (and there’s debate elsewhere about it being written as a comedy then reined back)….

Doctor Who: The Scripts – The Daleks

I only recently became aware of a short run series of books from the late 1980s-mid-1990s called Doctor Who: The Scripts. I was really pleased to be given a copy of The Daleks from this range. They’re readily available second-hand and none too expensive.

Mild Curiosities: An Ian & Barbara Charity Fanzine

If you’d like to contribute to a Doctor Who charity fanzine, take a look at Mild Curiosities. It’s a project edited by Sophie Iles, and full details are available on her blog, including dates and a submissions guide. Full details are here. Soph is interested in art, fiction or non-fiction, as long as it concerns out favourite…

David Bradley to star in the First Doctor Adventures

In what may have seemed inevitable with his appearance in the TV episode Twice Upon a Time, Big Finish has today announced a new series of First Doctor Adventures with David Bradley playing the First Doctor. Not only do these feature David Bradley, but the rest of the TARDIS cast from An Adventure in Space and Time are appearing:…

The Fifth Traveller reviewed

The latest series of Early Adventures continues with another outing for Jemma Powell as Barbara Wright. Philip Lawrence brings us The Fifth Traveller and we welcome Jospa (James Joyce) to the TARDIS. Just what is going on and what adventures will befall the First Doctor, Ian, Barbara, Vicki and Jospa? Let’s find out…

Early Adventures: Age of Endurance review

I reviewed the Early Adventures: The Age of Endurance on Cultbox as part of the September round-up with Ian McArdell. I liked it but as the story introducing Jemma Powell as a recast Barbara alongside Ian, Susan and the First Doctor it was light for me in terms of things for her to do. I am hopeful…

Doctor Who and the Daleks by David Whitaker review

Reading the David Whitaker adaptation of Doctor Who and the Daleks allows the reader to go back in time to the very earliest days of the show. Historic context bears repeating: we had no DVDs, recording, streaming, or any other way to watch a show again. Once broadcast it was over. Enter the novelisation.

The R3 Companion Chronicles Collector’s Guide Part II

Prompted by a full Companion Chronicles sale, here is the second part of my guide said range. It follows on from The R3 Companion Chronicles Collector’s Guide Part I. This part covers series 5 – 8. This is intended as a reference and is field under Home > Guides, as are all the other Red Rocket series guides.

Is Maisie Williams playing Susan?

Time for more speculation. I read a piece on Doctor Who TV speculating on the return of Susan Foreman to the new series of Doctor Who. The piece is called Susan Who? This led me to wonder various things, including this — could Maisie Williams be playing a future regeneration of Susan? (I already have an is she Clara post!)

The Doctor’s Tale reviewed

October 2014 gave us Marc Platt’s Chaucer themed story The Doctor’s Tale. This Early Adventures piece is a two-disc historical for the First Doctor as narrated and performed by William Russell (Iand and the Doctor) and Maureen o’Brien (Vicki, Barbara and the Narrator). The excellent cast also includes Gareth Armstrong (Chaucer), Joseph Kloska (Sir Robert de Wensley), Alice…