Is Maisie Williams playing Susan?

Maisie WilliamsTime for more speculation. I read a piece on Doctor Who TV speculating on the return of Susan Foreman to the new series of Doctor Who. The piece is called Susan Who? This led me to wonder various things, including this — could Maisie Williams be playing a future regeneration of Susan? (I already have an is she Clara post!)

My idea is based on two things: Susan could re-appear in the show and Carole Ann Ford would be a great actress for a couple of special episodes, but what if she travelled with her grandfather again? Let’s recreate the old dynamic! The way to do that is simple, regenerate Susan into Maisie!

As to the article I linked to; I don’t buy the Foreman theory it contains but there are some mysteries with no solution (ie the show wasn’t designed to include Time Lords, regeneration, running for ever…) so one would need creating. Ignoring some ideas in novels such as Lungbarrow, my interests are:

  1. Why called Susan (the article talks about this) and not anything else more like other Time Lords who have strange grand names, or code names (like Doctor and Master)
  2. Who are her parents, and who is her grandmother?

On those notes, time to go speculate some more!

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