Legacy v 3.0 notes from Anglicon

Adipose TV from AngliconOn Sunday June 14, Tiny Rebel Games did a twitchtv broadcast (via Adipose TV) live from Anglicon and talked about forthcoming releases, some internals of the game people may not have known about and more interestingly, new features for release 3!

The broadcast was also interrupted by several famous names…

Those famous names

Colin Baker, Sophie Aldred, Katy Manning and others took it upon themselves to crash the panel as it was being broadcast. Much jollity and mild rudeness from Colin added plenty of anarchy to an already chaotic broadcast. The net result was we all wanted to be in Seattle for the convention!

Hidden secrets of the current release

In a discussion at the end, the problem of getting rare characters to drop was covered. Two things came to light:

  1. The buff for increased drop rates also affects the chance for a character to drop
  2. The game watches how many times you play a level with a character drop. The randomiser can get overridden after a time so you don’t have to play a level indefinitely

Forthcoming releases

Katy Manning has done whatever is needed to be involved and we can expect a Jo Grant companion to appear at some stage.

This week will conclude the bubble universe story and give a chance for the last Ood and some other rarer characters to drop.

They are in conversation with the Doctor Who Experience organisers and at some point their will be some levels based on this along with a new TARDIS costume.

In the Autumn (when the show is back on TV) they expect to be releasing content every week in line with the broadcast shows, as they did last year.

Version 3

Lots of stuff announced, and we can expect the release in around two months (ie just before the new series?). The following gameplay changes were announced:

  • Levels increased to 60
  • Cracks in time
  • Bomb gems

There were also announcements on a new story arc, and there will be new Expert Levels set at L60. I suspect I might struggle! There may be some new ally powers (not explored).

Cracks in time

A new effect (per wave) to disable random gem positions, or even entire rows / columns and in effect changing the board shape. This will be hard – permanent, immovable lines on the board getting in the way of making shapes. Sounds challenging!

Bomb gems


The Master (for example) can turn three random gems into bombs. If you don’t move them around to match they explode in a number of turns. They don’t match any gems, only themselves as [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]#bombsarecolourblind [/inlinetweet](you had to listen to get that reference).

New story and other levels

Something is coming featuring the First Doctor and the Eric Roberts Master from the 1996 TV Movie. There are also going to me a set of levels aimed at kids with new art work as done with the BBC in a not quite cartoon format.

And finally!

There was also a code for fragments, a crystal and many Doctors (if you didn’t have them already).

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