The end of Doctor Who Legacy

It’s no real surprise, but still sad, to report the end for Doctor Who Legacy. The game has been almost dormant for months, never lived up to its original ambition (though did well and I enjoyed it) and never got the Thirteenth Doctor.

Will the Thirteenth Doctor ever appear in Doctor Who Legacy?

I enjoyed playing Doctor Who Legacy, but Tiny Rebel Games has moved on. Around the time of Jodie Whittaker’s first appearance as the the Doctor, they were busy launching Doctor Who Infinity. I understand they wanted a focus on the new product, but I’d really like a last bug-fix release and any final new features, along with the Thirteenth Doctor….

More Doctor Who Infinity news

An update from Tiny Rebel Games includes a preview video link for YouTube (GDC 2018: Doctor Who Infinity Gameplay with Susan Cummings). Now I’ve seen this, I’m even less excited for this new project. Whatever happened to all the dreams for Legacy? Still, the newsletter dd have a code for some free time crystals! Are…

Doctor Who Infinity announced

Tiny Rebel Games has announced some details of Doctor Who Inifinity, its 2018 follow-up to Doctor Who Legacy. It starts with Dalek Invasion of Time, a George Mann story illustrated by MIke Collins / Chris Carter. I believe it will be a paid for game, and the first of a series. This story features the Twelfth Doctor and Missy.

Bill comes to Legacy

After two weeks of no real news, the latest Tiny Rebel Games newsletter for Doctor Who Legacy reveals there will be no weekly game content based on series 10. We will be getting a new drop in the Fan Area next week as Bill comes to Legacy! Are you still playing Legacy? What do you like about…

The Ghost of Christmas 2016

Doctor Who Legacy has announced a new pack of characters is coming to the in game story on January 23rd. The pack includes Grant, Lucy, Mr Huffle, young Grant and a Ghost Costume. The pack will cost 10 time crystals. *** Message Ends ***

Legacy of Christmas, 2016

As has become the norm, Doctor Who Legacy is marking Christmas 2016 with some new content. There will be treats every day from December 16th and will peak on December 26th with a new level (and drop) based on The Return of Doctor Mysterio. === Message Ends ===

The legacy of Shakespeare

Doctor Who is now 53 years old, meaning Doctor Who Legacy is three. For reasons I don’t understand this means on Sunday we get a new companion – William Shakespeare. His attributes are: Ability: Love’s Labour’s Won (Convert Green Gems and Black Gems to Red Gems) Color: Red Primary / Black Secondary >>> Message Ends <<<

Halloween update for Doctor Who Legacy

The latest Tiny Rebel Games newsletter promises us a Halloween level, some Halloween gem skins and a Davros costume for the Twelfth Doctor. Behind the scenes we are due a new client to resolve some backup problems and the end of  the FaceBook version. I wonder when we will get some Class characters? I predict sooner than later! ???…

Legacy: Bigger on the Inside Chapter 1. Some thoughts…

So, Tiny Rebel Games has managed to piece together everything I don’t like about their game into one premium level. Yes, despite George Mann’s writing (what little there is) Bigger on the Inside Chapter 1 is not for me. I am happy to not be target audience; I am less happy at how little there is keeping me…

Legacy of Susan Foreman on android

Google players of Doctor Who Legacy can get a code for early access to Susan Foreman (pictured). Her colour is blue and her power is to turn any gem colour (including stone!) to blue. She is due to appear on other platforms in 60 days – I make that early September! +++ Message Ends +++

The Legacy of Grace

This week’s Doctor Who Legacy newsletter tells us the next patch will add Grace Holloway to the fan area. Her powers are healing, and I assume her colour is blue given the outfit (see left). I didn’t spot any prior news of this, so consider it a bonus. Interesting they can use the character — are we…