The Legacy of UNIT

It’s June so it’s daily Doctor Who Legacy UNIT levels. We’ve had an updated client released (with its own bug causing some characters to duplicate) and this allows us to get daily updates with special levels aka the UNIT Daily Missions. So far the first of these has been a renamed Chapter 1 level, The Snowmen: Backstreets…

The legacy of Susan Foreman

The latest newsletter from Tiny Rebel Games is packed full of Doctor Who Legacy goodness. Most pleasing is the news of Susan Foreman coming soon (see artwork), and also news of Grace Holloway and Gwen Cooper! No word on exactly when, colours or powers.

More Experts for Legacy

As the Trickster Event fades into the sunset, what can players of Doctor Who Legacy look forward to next? Some of the answer can be found in the latest newsletter. The new levels will be parked and may re-appear, with the final boss fight moving to the Fan Area. The recent spate of new characters will continue.

The Legacy of Shayde

In the most recent Tiny Rebel Games newsletter is a reveal of three new characters coming to the game to coincide with the 500th issue of Doctor Who Magazine. Two of these I was aware of, the third is Shayde (pictured left in The Stockbridge Horror comic strip). 

Peri joins Doctor Who Legacy

The latest newsletter from Tiny Rebel Games brings news of Peri joining the game (no details on gem colour / ability – I guess blue). There’s also news of an Easter Egg hunt (they did one before), new gem skins and extensions to The Event. That’s two Peri news items in a week! ::= Message Ends =::

Legacy – Director’s Cut of Husbands of River Song reviewed

One day later than planned we now have another premium pack for Doctor Who Legacy and my immediate reaction is one of being underwhelmed. There are some positives and I am probably not target audience (I want more Big Finish companions, classic companions and classic content). Nevertheless it seems to me Tiny Rebel Games are yet again having…

The Legacy of Frobisher and Abslom Daak

Tucked away at the back of the latest Tiny Rebel Games Doctor Who Legacy newsletter, under the feature piece on the Director’s Cut of The Husbands of River Song is a titbit of information that will send certain fans into paroxysms of delight: Frobisher and Abslom Daak are coming to Legacy!

Director’s cut of Husbands of River Song

Doctor Who Legacy are getting ready to release a new set of content The Husbands of River Song: Director’s Cut. It will be out on February 15th and will be paid content. On launch it will be $2.99 moving to $3.99 (no idea on UK equivalent prices). I’ve moaned elsewhere about the harsh commercial reality driving Tiny Rebel…

Big Finish Humble Bundle offer

Over on Humble Bundle is a Big Finish Worlds of Doctor Who offer, running until January 6, 2016. The idea is you pay what you want and can get (up to) $238 worth of Big Finish titles. There’ even some bits for Doctor Who Legacy as well. Details here. +++ Message Ends +++

Legacy and series 9

A chance to catch up with Doctor Who Legacy: as series 9 progresses the weekly patch cycle has moved to Sunday (or Monday morning UK) and this week brings us the pictured guitar costume for the Twelfth Doctor. Last week a new companion and all the new drops only run at 100% for 48 hours. I was…

Legacy 3 – second impression

After the disappointment of Doctor Who Legacy 3.0 (see here) the team at Tiny Rebel Games has sorted out the iOS purchase problem and I can now spend money on the Sonic Adventures and Kids levels. (Oh and check out twitch this week for Katy Manning and some time fragment bounty). Now I’ve played it, what’s…

Legacy 3.0: First impression? Disappointment

So Doctor Who Legacy 3.0 was released overnight (UK time) and my first impressions are disappointment. First up I have the iOS bug whereby I can’t buy the new levels, either Kids or Sonic Adventures. I also think the app is running very slowly on my iPAD mini, much slower than before. My main thought after…