Legacy 3 – second impression

Katy Manning Jo Grant Doctor Who LegacyAfter the disappointment of Doctor Who Legacy 3.0 (see here) the team at Tiny Rebel Games has sorted out the iOS purchase problem and I can now spend money on the Sonic Adventures and Kids levels. (Oh and check out twitch this week for Katy Manning and some time fragment bounty).

Now I’ve played it, what’s my opinion now?

Legacy 3.0.2 for iOS

The game is still painfully slow in many places, not unplayable but really annoying. The Kids levels are fun, the Sonic Adventures takes a while to get going. If you’ve played the free levels, you’ll know that you get little choice of anything except how to play. This all changes when you suddenly get five new characters and get to play properly – i.e. collect things and pick your own team.

The iOS release allows for some 60th level characters so I played with a mixed team of War Doctor (Level 6), fan-Strax and various other red/blue characters. I defeated every level after some effort but all on the first pass and it took me a few hours over a couple of days. I now have the five new characters (if you count the signet ring) and twenty (yes twenty) new first level sonic devices. The devices have some odd powers, some I can’t ever see using, some I might. They are tied into selected gem destruction / bomb removal / colour change.

[pullquote]Is it worth the money?[/pullquote]

Is it worth the money? Maybe. The game play is solid and you get a few of the new DNA time fragments. Characters that can upgrade (currently vanilla Doctor and fan area characters) need these if you want to save time crystals. The good news is you don’t need many. It is also a big batch of new characters, not all of which I can imagine using. I’m not completely against this, though if it becomes the major source of new levels / characters to use premium levels I will be annoyed.

The new features

The time cracks are curious but apart from providing some constrictions are no worse than some of the gem locks. The bombs can be very challenging. Some foes set off just one colour and sometimes pick to attack twice in a row, effectively resetting the bomb counters. The hard ones are the foes that set random bombs and you can’t always match three to remove them (hence the new sonic devices).

Overall I am more happy (and still playing the Kids levels) and hope the performance gets sorted soon.


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