Reeltime Announces Anomaly

A recent announcement from Reeltime Pictures is Anomaly, a two-disc DVD sequel to both Daemos Rising and The Time Monster. The strapline is Kate Lethbridge-Stewart is dead! The cast includes Sophie Aldred, Miles Richardson, Beverley Cressman and newcomer Tom Chapman as Godon ‘Gordy’ Lethbridge-Stewart. I have no idea how this is meant to fit with the increasingly confused Lethbridge-Stewart family tree;-)

There are more details if you click through to Amazon, including:

Gordon Gordy Lethbridge-Stewart thought he had left the world of his grandfather behind him. As a research scientist, all he was interested in was developing new technologies.
Unfortunately, what he doesn t know is that retired UNIT operative Captain Douglas Cavendish has given him alien technology to develop his ideas with … and that leads to a great deal of trouble indeed!

Trouble that forces Kate Lethbridge-Stewart to make a life or death choice!

In this fast paced sequel to both DAEMOS RISING and the DOCTOR WHO story THE TIME MONSTER, it s difficult to tell if reality is … well …real! Time itself it being manipulated and it s already run out more than once!

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