New Adventures for the Brigadier

Forgotten SonIf you ever wondered what the Brigadier did after Web of Fear then wonder no more – Candy Jar Books has the answer with a new series of four books charting Brigadiers adventures before he met the Third Doctor. What a concept – now his awareness has been extended by meeting the Second Doctor what would he do next? Who tidied up the mess left behind in London? How would he convince others of the threat posed by alien forces?

Due to be released from March 2015 this is one of those ideas that seems obvious once somebody else thinks of it – fingers crossed this is every bit as good as we all hope. The books are available individually or as a bundle – more: The Forgotten Son.


The first title is The Forgotten Son by Andy Frankham-Allen who has also produced a guide to the Doctor’s companions, and his goodreads page is here. The synopsis is all-encompassing:

The Great Intelligence has been defeated. And Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart’s world has changed.

For Colonel Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart his life in the Scots Guard was straightforward enough; rising in the ranks through nineteen years of military service. But then his regiment was assigned to help combat the Yeti incursion in London, the robotic soldiers of an alien entity known as the Great Intelligence. For Lethbridge-Stewart, life would never be the same again.

Now he has a mammoth task ahead of him – the repopulating of London; millions of civilians need to be returned home after being evacuated so suddenly. On top of that, he also has his engagement to think about.

Meanwhile in the small Cornish village of Bledoe a man is haunted by the memory of an accident thirty years old. The Hollow Man of Remington Manor seems to have woken once more. And in Coleshill, Buckinghamshire, Mary Gore is plagued by the voice of a small boy, calling her home.

What connects these strange events to the recent Yeti incursion, and just what has it all to do with Lethbridge-Stewart?

The other three books are:

Horror of Det-Sen by Lance Parkin – To convince his superiors of the alien threat, Lethbridge-Stewart travels to the Himalayas with Professor Travers.
The Schizoid Earth
by David A. McIntee – Lethbridge-Stewart finds himself trapped in a past that never happened.
Mutually Assured Domination
by Nick Walters – Dominex Industries – KEEP OUT! Trespassers will be DESTROYED!


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